The Edge: Austin Peay

I would like to welcome everyone to the first edition of The Edge. This is a feature that Dayton Insider will bring to the Dayton fans before every game. Dayton Insider will take a look at every starting position and will tell you who we think will have "The Edge" at that position. We will also take a look at the bench and once again tell you, in our opinion, which team has "The Edge".

Center: Kurt Huelsman / Tomas Janusauskas
This position is a very close call in our opinion. All we know about Kurt is what we have seen in the two exhibition games. He has done a very good job on the defensive end for the Dayton Flyers so far. He has also shown the ability to get a very good post position but has not been able to get the entry pass to see how well he can score. Tomas is making his first regular season start for the Governors so he is also an untested post player. Kurt runs the floor better and will get the more opportunities to score. Both players will have to play at a fast pace to keep up with the rest of the team and this may cause one or both of them to get into early foul trouble because of fatigue. Dayton Insider feels that Kurt will win this battle and this could be a big impact on the game.
Edge: Dayton Flyers

Power Forward: Charles Little / Drake Reed
Both players are sophomores who look to be more involved with the team on the offensive side. This could be a very physical match up as both players seem to possess the same qualities. They both hit the boards hard and will leave everything they have on the floor. Charles will be more comfortable at the high post but Drake showed that he is a very good post player and will pound the offensive glass. Drake led the team in offensive rebounds last year and look for him to try and dominate Saturday afternoon as well. Drake led his team in scoring and rebounds against Rhodes College.
Edge: Austin Peay Governors

Wing Forward: Monty Scott / Kyle Duncan
Monty Scott will be depended on by the Flyers in every game they play this year to be a consistent scorer from the outside. He seems to relish games when the person guarding him is regarded as the teams best shut down defender and that is exactly what Kyle Duncan does to his opponent. Kyle will try to be physical with Monty and also try to outscore him. This may be the most interesting match up as they seem to have completely different styles. Kyle is also trying to expand his job and become more of a scorer this year so again this could be a great chance for both to lead their team to victory. Kyle can become overly aggressive and could get in foul trouble, which would be a problem for the Governors. Dayton Insider feels that Monty is just too talented to let Kyle shut him down at all and look for Monty to score 20 or more points.
Edge: Dayton Flyers

Shooting Guard: Brian Roberts / Fernandez Lockett
Fernandez was a huge part of the Governors puzzle last year as he showed the versatility by being the first player off the bench regardless of who came out first. He is penciled in as the starting shooting guard this year and will have his work cut out for him as Brian Roberts has been itching to start the season. Rumor has it that Andres Sandoval has had surgery on his foot and will not be playing for awhile. If this is true then it changes the whole game for Dayton and Brian Roberts. Brian may have to play the point more and this will take away from his scoring ability. With that said Dayton Insider still feels that Brian gets the better of this match up.
Edge: Dayton Flyers

Point Guard: London Warren / Derrick Wright
These two players will by far be the fastest players on the court. The question is going to be which player is going to be able to get his team into a half court set the best, when the time comes. Both teams plan on playing at a very fast pace and these guys want to play that way. If the rumor is true about Andres then London is going to have to tally a lot of minutes and Dayton Insider is not sure how well he will handle the opportunity. We really feel that this is the most even match up on the floor and could end up being the difference in the final outcome of the game.
Edge: Even

Bench: Flyers / Governors
Dayton is already playing with a short bench with the suspension of Norman Plummer and it looks like the bench just got a whole lot shorter with the reported injury to Andres Sandoval. Marcus Johnson and Jimmie Binnie will do most of the work for the flyers off the bench and both are capable of exploding for the Flyers. The Governors have shown in the past that they like to go about 8 deep in the lineup. They also are not afraid to use freshman early so look for High School teammates Wes Channels and Ernest Fields get a chance to make a big impact in this game.
Edge: Dayton

Final Outcome
This was supposed to be the coming out party for both the current Flyers and the newcomers. They must now fight for every game from start to finish with the loss of two starters. Dayton Insider feels that the biggest question in the game will be how effective London Warren will be in making his first start in his first college game. If London is able to lead the break when it's there and slow things up when they need to execute then Dayton will win this game handedly. If he struggles then Derrick Wright and company will make this a game that will come down to the final possessions. Another question that may have to be asked is can Monty step up and be the number one option of Brian Roberts has to move to the point. Monty has shown that he has talent but has also shown a reluctance to be the man in his career at Dayton. We still feel that Dayton comes out of this game with a victory and start the season off 1 – 0.
Edge: Dayton 85 - 72

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