Dayton Flyers: Mid-Term Grades

With the Non-Conference schedule now over Dayton Insider has decided to take a look at every player on the roster and give them a mid-term grade. Dayton deserves a good mid-term grade based on the A-10 League leading 10 – 3 record so far this season. Will the freshman get passing grades from Dayton Insider? Read on to get the Mid-Term grades from

Kurt Huelsman
If Charles Dickens was still alive and writing sports books he could write a book on Kurt about his freshman season. He could call it "A tale of two centers". The question is which Kurt is the real Dayton Freshman from St. Henry, Ohio. Is it the one that started the first 7 games of the season averaging 4.6 points a game and 5.6 rebounds a game? Or is it the Kurt who looks like he is starting to fatigue to the College basketball lifestyle all the while averaging a dismal 2.7 points and 2 rebounds a game in his last 6 games. Kurt has shown that he is capable of playing with the big boys in the last 2 games putting up respectable numbers against 2 of the best centers in college basketball. Kurt may also prove that he just needs more minutes to become more productive as his minutes did decrease in those last 7 games.
Grade: B-

London Warren
One thing is for sure with London and that is he will fight every chance he can on the basketball court. He is small, quick, and tenacious. He still has not shown the ability to control his speed and this has caused him to have an Assist to Turnover ratio that is almost 1 to 1. He will defend and play his butt off on every single possession and will be a pest to the opposing point. He has 16 steals so far on the season which ranks 1 behind leader Brian Roberts. Another thing that London has shown is that he is not able to hit a shot outside of the paint and this will hinder him from being a bigger part of the picture.
Grade: C

Marcus Johnson
Marcus opened the season in super star fashion pumping in a freshman record 23 points against Austin Peay. Marcus was 3 of 7 from behind the arc and he looked like he would become the #2 scoring option for the Flyers this year. Since that game Marcus has been on a roller coaster with his scoring and has been awful from the 3 point line shooting 26% from behind the arc. Marcus has shown that he is by far the best athlete on the team and is willing to defend the best player that Dayton opposes if called on to do so. He also leads the team in rebounding which says a lot about the tenacity the 6-3 forward from Akron has.
Grade: B+

Desmond Adedeji
Big Des has been a big disappointment so far this season. He was a fan favorite last year and has broken the fans hearts with his lack of discipline. He was asked to come in this season at a smaller size where he could be quicker and his stamina would allow him to play at a faster pace. This just did not happen and Coach Gregory has not allowed the young man to play any significant minutes. He has logged only 6 minutes so far this year all of them coming in the 2 blow outs the Flyers had to end non-conference play.
Grade: F

Charles Little
Charles is super athletic and shows the ability to dominate in the lane when he wants to against guys who are either slower than him or weaker than him. He needs to become more consistent and play hard the entire game. He shows a lack of enthusiasm from time to time and this not only hurts him but also hurts the team. Charles has stepped up big for the Flyers on occasion but he has just not been consistent enough.
Grade: C

Andres Sandoval
Andres was supposed to come in and be our leader and was also penciled in at the starting point guard since he gave his commitment to UD last year. Due to a foot injury in a preseason game he has not been able to become either for the Dayton Flyers. Andres has been back to full strength since the injury but needs to repair his shot. He is shooting an unreal 17% from the field. He has shown at times that he can be an asset to the Flyers but as was the case with Charles he needs to become more consistent.
Grade: D

Jimmy Binnie
Mr. Intangible has been playing out of position all year and has done everything that has been asked of him. Jimmy has had to play against taller and more physical players all year and has not backed down from the challenge. He still has not shown that he can make the 3 pointer on a consistent basis but makes up for that with hustle and determination. He also has shown that he will not turn the ball over by not only leading the team in least amount of turnovers but also being in the top 40 in the country for the same category.
Grade: C+

Norman Plummer
Norman started the year off with a 4 game suspension and that will for sure bring his grade down a lot for his mid-term. He still has plenty of time to make that work up but needs to keep his nose clean for the rest of the year. Norman picked up right where he left off last year being the teams go to guy in the post in crunch time. Norman continues to get the job done for the most part even with the obvious lack of athleticism. His lack of athleticism has only hurt him against the more athletic teams and he still finds a way to finish around the rim. Norman does lead the team in rebounding at 5 per game and that number should get larger as the season continues.
Grade: C- (B- without suspension)

Brian Roberts
Everyone was expecting big things from Brian this year and he has not disappointed the Flyer faithful with his stellar play so far this year. He leads the team in scoring with a 17.1 average and has had to once again play out of position due to injuries and the inability of either one of the other point guards to step up and take control of the team. The team was Brian Roberts from the beginning of the season but Dayton Insider feels he really took control of this team in the Louisville game. Brian was asked to take control of the game and played all 40 minutes trying to make sure his team came out on top. We do not want to even think what would happen to the Flyers if Brian Roberts went down with an injury.
Grade: A

Nick Stafford
To start the season many fans were expecting another year of Nick sitting the bench and becoming a non factor. He showed everyone that he was able to step up and fill the void by Norman Plummer and gave the team energy when he entered the game to give Kurt a break from time to time. Nick has shown a great attitude and is always the biggest cheerleader on the bench. Nick was given every chance to become a disgruntled player but chose to bust his butt and take whatever minutes he was given by Coach Gregory.
Grade: C

Monty Scott
As far as Dayton Insider is concerned Monty is by far the biggest disappointment for the Dayton Flyers. Monty has shown no fire and determination and this has hurt the Flyers this year. He is the lone senior on this team and was supposed to be the leader of this team. He is the second leading scorer on the team with a 9.7 average but just shows no desire to step up and be the man with the exception of the Creighton game this year where he put the team on his shoulders for the last 10 minutes of the game. Monty has the ability to be the best player on the court in most of the Dayton games but just has no desire to be that special player. He is the difference in either blowing average teams out or letting them stick around. He would have been a difference maker when Dayton played 2 top 10 teams in just over a week but chose not to step up to the plate. Monty has backed down from all but 1 challenge this year and let's hope he decides to compete in the A-10.
Grade: D

Coaching Staff
Coach Gregory and his staff have done a good job getting this team prepared to contend for the A-10 Championship this year. They were predicted to finish in the lower half of the A-10 when the season started but now are considered a favorite. They have also shown that they went out and landed a pretty good 2006 recruiting class as 2 freshmen have started since game 1 of the season. Now Coach Gregory and his staff have to find a way to not let this season become a huge disappointment after having huge blowouts in back to back games to end non-conference play. Can they restore the confidence that was their just a couple of weeks ago or do they spin out of control and end up where the so called experts expected them to be?
Grade: B+

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