Dayton Steps Over Charlotte

The noon tip-off left the Boardwalk Hall mostly filled with UD fans and they tried to help the team get over a difficult 1st half. The second half all went the Flyers way and not only did they erase the 7 point deficit at halftime but also dominated Charlotte and ended with an 18 point victory.

Brian Roberts led the Dayton Flyers with 24 points and London Warren led the team with 8 assists. This was a total team effort as the posted the 81 – 63 victory over the Charlotte 49ers.

The Dayton Flyers got off to a good start in the first round of the A-10 Tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey this afternoon. Freshman Kurt Huelsman and London Warren showed calmness and opened the flyers with back to back baskets to give the flyers a 4 – 2 lead over the 49ers.

The Dayton Flyers did however struggle for most of the 1st half but it had a lot to do with how aggressive they were or lack thereof. Not only did they not play well but seemed to not get the calls that the 49ers were for much of the 1st half. Brian Gregory responded to that in his press conference "we played soft. Well not soft, but we just were not as aggressive as Charlotte and that is why they got calls and we did not."

The 2nd half was completely different as the Charles Little that UD fans have grown to love the last 3 weeks showed up early and took it right to the 49ers. The whole attitude and atmosphere of the Flyers were different and they exploded for 53 points.

The Flyers shot lights out in the 2nd half. They shot 67% from the field, 78% from the 3 point line, and 82% from the free throw line. Jimmie Binne was 4 of 5 from behind the arc and Brian Roberts was 4 of 6.

London continues to grow as a player and changed the tempo dramatically in the 2nd half. Brian Roberts thinks London has grown a lot this year. Brian stated that "London has grown light years from were he was early in the season and that is all because of him. He has worked hard." Coach Gregory added "I know Brian Roberts won't admit it but he has a lot to do with London's improvement. London can look at Brian and see how hard he has worked and that has helped London see what hard work can do for you."

With 5:49 to go in the 2nd half Freshman Marcus Johnson went down with an injury. This may have been the most asked question at the press conference but Coach Gregory never changed his response. "He is with the doctor now. We think that it is a high ankle sprain but Marcus is going to get an x-ray to make sure. We know that we have 24 hours to see if Marcus can play tomorrow."

Dayton takes on the Xavier Musketeers tomorrow at noon and will have to be aggressive for the whole 40 minutes if they want to send the top seed in the A-10 back to Ohio before they are ready.

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