AMC: Dayton Targets

This years Adidas May Classic was supposed to answer the biggest question of the early spring. Who is the best AAU team in the Country? This tournament was going to have 3 of the 4 teams who came away with victories in April and May at National events. Grassroots (Pitt-Jam Fest), Mean Streets (Hensley Memorial), and Indiana Elite/Team Indiana (Kingwood Classic).

Unfortunately only the super talented Indiana Elite team was still standing before the Finals yesterday. Dayton Insider was once again present and ready to evaluate Dayton targets of the future.

Kenny Knight – 6'6'' PF (2010) – Northwest H.S. (Queen City Prophets) – Undersized athletic forward who needs to develop perimeter skills to play at the 3. Biggest downfall at this point is his inability to play hard at all times. Rebounds and scores well for a young kid.

Jordan Hicks – 6'2'' SG (2010) – Lakota West H.S. (Queen City Prophets) – Strong wing who gets to the rim. Can shoot and defend when needed. Jordan has a motor that will not quit. He is not the flashiest player on the floor but he still gets results.

Allen Payne – 6'5'' SF/PF (2010) – Winton Woods (Queen City Prophets) – Plays more at the 4 for this guard dominated team but has a high skill level and makes his presence known on both ends of the floor each game. Impressive! This is a player who could blow up even before his junior year.

Colt Ryan – 6'3'' SG (2009) – Batesville H.S. (Indiana Elite ONE) – Shooter – it's that simple. He is not the quickest player on the floor but is able to get his shot off. His answer to good defense is to back up a few feet and shoot from there. Dayton could use a player like that.

Daimion Garrett – 6'3'' Wing (2008) – Evansville F.J. Reitz H.S. (Evansville Future) – Scorer and can get it done in many ways. There is no question regarding his talent level. He can score from anywhere on the court. Shoot the 3. Create off the dribble. He even has a midrange game. His defense is suspect but that is something college will fix.

Kyle Kuric – 6'4'' Wing (2008) – Evansville Memorial H.S. (Evansville Basketball Club) – Kyle is another player who can flat out shoot. Something that I like and also impressed me this weekend was his toughness. He is not afraid to mix it up. He does need to improve his ability to break the defender down off the dribble.

Josh Crittle – 6'7'' PF (2008) – Hales Franciscan H.S. (Mean Streets) – A BEAST on the glass. Much improved mid-range game since last summer. Has been impressive all spring and at times shows flashes of brilliance. He continues to impress us and we feel that he is just too big for Dayton. Let's hope they can pull this rabbit out of the hat.

Devon Moore – 6'3'' Combo (2008) – Northland H.S. (Ohio Basketball Club) – When the most talented team in the tournament goes 0-3 not much can be said for any of the players. Quick with the ball and seems like he likes to defend. Jump shot drops, but not sure how it finds its way in the basket.

Lewis Jackson – 5'9'' PG (2008) – Eisenhower H.S. (Indiana Elite/Team Indiana) – Lightening quick. It was still the same Lewis Jackson this weekend in Bloomington. Great at getting teammates shots and few players can guard him in the open floor. Will need to find a system where they get up and down because he is unstoppable in this setting. He must improve his jump shot or defenses will collapse in the lane in a half court setting.

Muhammed Conteh – 6'6'' PF (2008) – TBA (Indiana Elite Simpson) – Was exceptional this weekend. A different player than what we saw at King James. Dominated the glass and found ways to get garbage baskets. Consistency is in question – without a doubt!

These are players who we would like to see in a Dayton uniform sometime in the future. Obviously Coach Gregory cannot get everyone of these players but he has a wish list and will land players that will take his team to the next level.

Thanks to all the loyal fans here at as we continue to try and give you the best recruiting information in Dayton.

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