Quick Notes From Sin City

After a full three days of basketball in Sin City we have seen a lot of games, most of them packed full of talent and excitement. We have been able to take a look at a few Dayton targets and will have more in the upcoming days on who we saw.

The Dayton Flyers had a full compliment of staff members in Sin City to catch the action before Flyer commits Josh Benson and Chris Johnson tipped off in Orlando at the AAU Super Showcase. Coach Gregory, Coach Schmidt and Coach Rankin were in attendance at many more games than we were able to squeeze in, but none the less, we have a summary of the Dayton targets we have seen thus far.

Delwan Graham – Atlanta Celtics – He is playing as well as he has in the 4 months we have been watching him. He has been a monster in every game we have seen including a 28 point effort against a star-studded yet shorthanded Indiana Elite squad. He game has improved and will without-a-doubt be the talk of the recruiting nationwide after the July evaluation period concludes in a week if he is not already. He is the real deal.

Kyle Kuric – Evansville Basketball Club – Lets put it this way, when I was at his morning game on Tuesday the top guys from Duke and Louisville (that's right, two of the top coaches in the game) were in attendance at and he has been followed by their staff since the tournament kicked off. We are not convinced he is that good (at the level of Duke and Louisville), but there is something to be said for his production every time he steps on the court. He played exceptionally in the game we saw yesterday and have heard that this has been the case since the first-half of the evaluation period.

Lewis Jackson – Indiana Elite – Lewis has played solid. The team did somewhat struggled a bit in pool play being short-handed and without the full compliment of players, but the lightening quick point guard has played well. The first game of the tournament was one against a team who posed no competition to the IE squad so it was not a good evaluation. Jackson is probably someone that the Flyers will keep on the radar if his recruitment is still open come the fall, but we will have to wait and see. There are still several Big Ten teams involved with offers out there…

Ryne Smith – Ohio Gators – Same story for Smith, filling it up from deep and showing a little more of his game than he did when we caught him in Cincinnati a few weeks ago. Has showed the ability to put the ball on the floor when the defense plays him as a guy who can only shoot the ball and he is doing it more consistently than we have seen before. Definitely more impressive than our first glance and this guy is someone we would have checked back in on if his team had not bowed out of the tournament yesterday with a loss to DC Assault.

Devon Moore – Ohio Basketball Club – The thin point guard from Columbus has been the same as he has been over the last several months. He makes plays on occasion but everything on this team runs through 7'1'' Ohio State commit BJ Mullens who has been exceptional in Vegas. We did get a chance to speak with Devon and he mentioned that he is not ready to make a decision at this point but that the Flyers are still in contact with him. We will try to uncover where the interest level is between the two parties.

Mario Hines (2009) – Ohio Basketball Club – Caught a quick glance of the OBC 16s and it was not enough to give an evaluation. We will be sure to get back out to the adidas Super 64 tournament for the 16s play to check out the Ohio team.

Carl Jones (2009) – Ohio Basketball Club – Same as with Hines, our evaluation out here in Vegas has been limited but based on the numbers he is putting up things seem to be going well for Jones. 24 in one pool game and then 27 and 23 respectively in the two tournament games on Tuesday tell us that this point guard has taken on a scoring role with the OBC team this week.

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