Anderson Talks About DePaul Decision

Canadian power forward Braeden Anderson had a pretty good idea where he want to go to for college next year, but his visit to DePaul's Lincoln Park campus sealed his decision. In this report, we hear more from the 6-8, 230 lb. power forward from Alberta.

Braeden Anderson had taken unofficial visits to places like Connecticut, Miami, North Carolina State, Temple, and VCU, but it was DePaul that he wanted to go to for his first official visit.

"I knew for awhile that it was probably going to be the best situation for me," said Anderson. "I just wanted to take my time and think long and hard about it and take the official (visit). It gave me a chance to learn more about the coaches and the program."

There were a few things that stood out for Anderson's decision.

"The biggest factors were style of play and Coach (Oliver) Purnell," said Anderson, who is ranked as the fifth best Canadian player in the Class of 2011 by

Another factor was the fact that many of DePaul's Big East conference games are televised back home in Canada where his family can view his games.

"That was really, really important that my family could watch me play," Braeden said.

Along with the style of play was the success that one of Purnell's former players had at Clemson and in the NBA with the Washington Wizards.

"I looked at Trevor Booker and what he was able to accomplish at Clemson," Anderson said. "If you look at Trevor Booker, he was a three star recruit, an undersized power forward and he totally changed his game and helped him to fit his system and he totally thrived. He's an athletic guy who can get up and down. Within Coach Purnell's system, he was able to become the 23rd pick in the draft and have a fantastic career at Clemson."

"His career at Clemson was ridiculous," Anderson added. "If you just look at the style of play and the way those guys played, they get up and down. They get after it defensively, and they make the game of basketball easier. They get open shots, use their athleticism and get after it."

If someone like Booker can flourish in Purnell's system, then Anderson can do it too.

"I just looked at that. I don't see any reason why I can't do that. Now he's a college graduate, a NBA first rounder and a multi-millionaire. All that really happened there was hard work and his coach gave him a shot. He had the opportunity to play right away and he got better. I don't see any reason why in four years, I shouldn't be able to get to that level."

Improving is something that Anderson knows all too well.

"I've always been someone who gets better," said Braeden. "I've come from nothing, where nobody knew who I was. Slowly and surely, I'm getting better and I'm achieving the things that I want to achieve. I think DePaul is the perfect place to continue this and help me unleash my potential to get to where I want to be academically and athletically."

Anderson sees himself as a developing player with athleticism that just needs to work on his basketball skills.

"I've always got up and down the floor pretty well," Anderson shared. "What I've really been developing over the last few months is my versatility and adding some skill to my athleticism. I've always been athletic. I've always been able to dunk on people. The big change for me will be when I add the skill to my game. I'm getting there and I'm getting better."

Anderson verbally committed to Purnell on Friday night along with Mississippi big man Derrell Robertson, but the two didn't plan for it to happen that way.

"It wasn't completely planned out," Braeden said. "We both talked about it and I think we both knew what we were going to do. We generally knew that we were both going to commit. It felt just so awesome and felt perfect. It just felt like the right time."

Also important to Anderson was the heart-to-heart talks that he had with Purnell.

"We had so many great conversations throughout the visit," said Anderson. "We talked about my role and what exactly he expects. It was really exciting to hear all the right things and everything you want to hear from your head coach. It never felt more real."

For now, Anderson will return to his senior season at Wilbraham & Monson Academy in Massachusetts and look forward to his freshman year at DePaul.

"I'm super excited about it," said Braeden. " I'm going to keep on watching tape and see exactly what Trevor Booker did in that system that made him so successful. I'm going to continue to work on all those things and make a big splash next year and keep on getting better."

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