Catching Up with Krys Faber

In this report, DePaul senior center Krys Faber talks about the Blue Demons practices as they prepare for their trip to France this month. Faber also offers up some insight on some of his new teammates as they adjust to their first year under coach Oliver Purnell.

A local Public Address announcer recently gave Krys Faber the nickname of "the Punisher". While it sounds like something out of professional wrestling, DePaul could use a punisher on the court this season.

"I'm flattered," Faber said of his new nickname. "I'm still trying to figure out where that came from."

To prepare for their upcoming trip to France, the Blue Demons practiced three times a day for four days in June.

"We went with offense and defense for our last two practices of the last two days," said Faber. "We focused on going all out on those. By the time we got to the last one, guys were kind of exhausted."

It was unlike anything that Faber had ever seen before from Purnell.

"It's definitely more intense," said Krys. "Last year things kind of moved at a slower pace just because everybody was coming in, everybody was new, and nobody knew each other. We were trying to adjust to the system. Now that we have a good number of guys who have returned that know the system and know what's expected, it's kind of moving the process along faster with our young guys. Not only are they receiving coaching from our staff, but from the upperclassmen as well."

The Blue Demons return to the practice court today. Between summer classes, workouts, and practices, Faber is looking forward to his first overseas trip.

"I'm so excited," said Krys. "I finally get to put a stamp in my passport. I've had a passport since I was 14 and have never been outside the states."

One thing that could pose a problem for Faber in France is the language barrier.

"I figure I'll have my iPhone with me so I'll have a translator with me at all times," said Krys. "I just hope I don't offend anybody."

Faber witnessed the arrival of six new freshmen at DePaul in June. DePaul fans hope that these freshmen will be able to make an impact in their first year.

"I try to give them the benefit of my time here at DePaul and playing in the Big East," said Krys. "It's one thing to come in as a recruit and watch our games, it's a totally different experience when you're on the court."

Joining the Blue Demons this season are Macari Brooks, Montray Clemons, Jamee Crockett, Shane Larkin, Charles McKinney, and Derrell Robertson.

"I like them all," Faber said of the six freshmen. "They're coming in here eager to learn. They are definitely coachable."

"The freshmen that have really stood out to me are Charles McKinney and Shane (Larkin)," added Faber. "Shane is fast. I've never seen someone handle the ball as quick and as skillfully as this kid. Seeing him and Brandon (Young) compete in practice is insane."

"I didn't really get a chance to see Charles play (as a recruit). Everything I'm seeing him do now in practice is really new. If I had to pick out of our six, it would be those two."

Faber now embarks on his final year as a Blue Demon. What does he feel are keys for his senior season?

"Staying healthy for one," said Faber. "Just continuing to get my wind up and work on my conditioning. The strength is there, but last year it kind of died out a little bit due to fatigue. Just working on being able to going longer periods of time and being able to contribute that physicality and be that presence that my team needs me to be down low."

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