Peyton Allen Looking for Super Sophomore Year

The DePaul coaching staff brought in several talented underclassmen to campus in the last month. One of the prospects on campus was Glenwood guard Peyton Allen. The rising sophomore is one of the top prospects in his class and competed with the Illinois Wolves on the AAU circuit this summer.

Peyton Allen visited the Big East program and enjoyed what he saw.

"We went to DePaul and watched practice from five until seven," said Allen. "It was real good. They practiced the next the day and then left for France. It was good to see them and how they were preparing. I got to meet all the players. It was fun."

What was the best part of the visit?

"Watching the practice was the best part," Peyton said. "I can never get enough of basketball. Seeing college players that play in the Big East, which I think is the best conference in the country, was great."

Allen liked what he had heard about the program before visiting, but seeing it firsthand assured those thoughts.

"I like all the coaches and how they play," said Peyton. "I especially like Coach (Oliver) Purnell. He was really good. If someone took a bad shot he kind of got mad, but didn't scream at them. I like that in a coach. I thought he was a really good coach."

He had an opportunity to speak with Purnell during the visit.

"During practice Coach Purnell came over and talked to us," Allen said. "After practice he talked to us as well. He was real high on my game. He wants to get me up for a game or come back for another visit."

He has also built a close relationship with two of the Blue Demons assistant coaches during his recruitment.

"I like (graduate assistant) Coach (Brandon) Bailey because I can be myself around him," said Peyton. "Same with Coach (Billy) Garrett. He is a real respectable guy that knows a lot about basketball. We seemed to really connect. I like Coach Garrett a lot and he is probably one of my favorite coaches."

The sophomore says he has been in contact with the coaching staff.

"They have been sending me some letters and sending stuff to my high school coach," said Peyton. "Hopefully I can keep that going and get to a game up there."

DePaul will have to fight off stiff competition as Allen has high majors all over the country coming after him.

"Ohio State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Illinois, DePaul, Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, Michigan, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Bradley, and Marquette."

He does not have a specific timetable for when he wants to decide, but already knows what's important to him in the right school.

"It is probably going to be the coaches and players," said Allen. "I want to have a chance to get to the NCAA tournament and win it all. That's what I want to do in college. It is important to have a good coach that likes to run and gun. I am looking for a coach that will give his players freedom and a school that has a chance to win a national championship."

Several high profile AAU programs came after Allen to play with them, but he couldn't be happier with his decision to play for the Illinois Wolves.

"Playing with the Wolves was the best thing I could have done all summer," said Allen. "It was great getting the exposure as Coach Mike Mullins is great at getting his players exposure. I am glad I can play for him as he is a great coach and a great guy. I enjoyed playing with all my teammates and meeting new people. It was nice playing in all the top tournaments at nice facilities."

On the 15 and Under team, he played alongside two high profile underclassmen that visited DePaul as well recently.

"At first Keita (Bates-Diop) didn't say two words to me because he is a little shy," said Allen. "The first couple tournaments he didn't shoot or look to do anything. During the season and in July he really got his confidence going. It was the same thing with Jordan (Ash) as he is a year younger than us."

Allen is a versatile guard that brings multiple skills to a team. He discussed his game.

"I am a point guard or shooting guard that likes to create off the dribble and pass," said Allen. "I can score, get in the lane, make a great pass, and shoot it."

He is looking forward to next season at Glenwood and making big strides as an individual and a team.

"We have everyone coming back and we are ranked preseason #1 or #2 in our conference," Allen said of his team's chances. "We are looking to make a run at the conference title, then regionals, then sectionals, then super sectionals, and state. We are hoping to go all the way."

What does he see his role being next season?

"I still think I will be the main scorer and distributer," Allen said. "I want to play point guard so I can distribute and get more assists. I would like to average a double-double with points and assists."

During his freshman year he was the primary ball handler for his team, but on the AAU circuit he played off the ball. Does he have a preference at the next level?

"I will do whatever the coach needs me to do and helps us win. I don't care where I play as long as we win."

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