Q & A with Billy Garrett, Jr.

We talk with future Blue Demon Billy Garrett, Jr. coming off his Nike Global Games championship with Team USA Midwest. Billy talks about the games, playing for his Dad, and his buddy Jabari Parker in this interview.

Q: What are your thoughts on being selected to play in the Nike Global Challenge?

A: It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, there's a lot of guys who would love to be here, so I've tried to take advantage of this opportunity to be here.

Q: Are there guys you were looking forward to playing against?

A: Nah, it was more like getting to just be a part of this group that was selected, I've played against most of these guys 3-4 times already, I was just looking forward to the experience of playing with such talent, there's not going to be many opportunities like this with teams that have so much talent, you have to play hard.

Q: What's your mindset playing now that you are a committed player to DePaul?

A: Really just to be the best player that i can be, my mindset is to go out, make plays and contribute, scoring is taken care of in a place like this.

Q: What are you looking forward to with the rest of the summer?

A: Just competing more than anything, we've got Peach Jam coming up, that's my biggest goal this summer, is to win Peach Jam.

Q: You've been committed to DePaul for awhile now Billy, what were the main draws for you to decide to play for DePaul?

A: It just felt like family, I'm from Chicago, I know the coaching staff, obviously I know my dad, I just felt real comfortable with it, honestly I felt like they had my best interests at heart.

Q: There's been guys like Ray McCallum and Trey Zeigler recently who went to go play for their dads at the schools they were coaching at, was that a primary consideration for you that your dad coaches at DePaul?

A: It had something to do with it, but really it was about the team they have, the coaches, the style of play and I didn't want to go too far from home, that was one of the biggest factors.

Q: How is it for you separating family from basketball when it comes to your dad and you and your relationship?

A: We just separate them, when we're on the court, it's business, but when we're off and we're home, it's not about basketball. That's what you really have to do with any job you know, if you let something bother you all day, then it becomes not fun anymore. When we get in the gym, it's all about hard work, putting in the time to get better, but when we leave the gym and go home, we leave the gym stuff at the door.

Q: What are your thoughts on Coach Purnell and the new system he's putting in?

A: Coach Purnell, if you are a guard like me, it's great, they get to push the ball, create, score a lot of points. Last year the team averaged 80 points, so for me it's great because I get to get up and down and play fast, get some shots which I like.

Q: Are you like other committed players who commit early and are asked by their coaches to recruit other players when you see them at events?

A: Oh yeah, 100%, I'm even talking with my Global team here, I figure we've got 10 guys on this team, not all of them are committed so I talk to the guys who are open to hearing about DePaul. On my AAU team I talk to those guys too who aren't committed, especially the Chicago guys who play on the Fire with me, if they want to stay home, I'm like hey, take a look at DePaul.

Q: DePaul made Jabari Parker's Top 10 list, what do you talk with him about off the court since you guys are friends?

A: Jabari's one of my best friends going back to when we were like three or four years old so we do talk about recruiting, but really, we try to separate it because nothing is going to come in between our friendship, wherever he goes, I'm going to be happy for him. I knew about his Top 10 but we don't get too deep into recruiting when we talk. He likes DePaul I know that, he likes Chicago, that's his city, so we'll see what happens.

Q: Jabari has indicated that geography is a factor in his decision when he released his Top 10 to the Associated Press, in your conversations with him, just how big a deal do you think it is to him since he's mentioned it publically now?

A: Jabari is a home kind of guy you know what I'm saying? He's been living in Chicago for his whole life, so he kinda views Chicago as his home, so I do think that'll play a major role as will some other things, so I think it's a positive for us.

Q: Growing up, how much did you play in Jabari's dad's foundation, Sonny Parker?

A: Growing up, I didn't play much with his groups because of when I started playing and the age of his teams, but growing up I knew Sonny.

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