Senior Leadership Set to Spur on DePaul

This is it. This is the last hurrah for seniors Brandon Young, Cleveland Melvin and Edwind McGhee.

After three straight years of underachievement and last place finishes, this group is determined to go out a high note.

While talking with Young and McGhee at Big East Media Day (Melvin was back in Chicago tending to some schoolwork), you could tell that they know their legacies are on the line and want to go out as winners.

"I'm very committed (to making this season a success)," said Young while at Big East Media Day. "I want to show (everybody) how much I want it. I'm very passionate about winning. I just have to lead by example. This is my last go around, so I want to go out with a bang."

McGhee echoed similar sentiments.

"I just want to make sure we're successful as a team," McGhee said. "We just got to win games. Winning the Big East is one of our goals. Making the NCAA tournament is another one of our goals. We at least (want to be in) the top half of the Big East."

Young is DePaul's leading returning scorer with 16.7 points a game. While he is a gifted scorer, Young is a lead guard by nature, but with heralded recruit Billy Garrett Jr. (who can also play both guard spots) joining the club, Young's role could fluctuate this season. Young, though, will take on any role assigned to him by Blue Demons coach Oliver Purnell.

"Well, I'm a point guard, that's my main position," said Young. "But the system that we have, I can play the one or the two. That's where Billy Garrett Jr. comes in. Me and him in the game together, he can run the one, I can play the two or vice versa. But at the end of the day I'm always a point guard."

With the move into the new basketball-centric version of the Big East, Young is excited with the new teams entering the league and the possibilities that lie ahead.

"I'm looking forward to playing some of these new teams," said Young. "(We got to) let them know about DePaul basketball and our havoc style and how aggressive we are."

Again, with a new league, new roster and newfound hopes, Young and McGhee are looking to hit the reset button and rewrite their college careers.

"This year we have to be a defensive team," said Young about turning around DePaul's fortunes. "We can't just play offense, we have to work both ways. We also have to play for 40 minutes. My job is to be a leader. I have to show (the newcomers) the ropes of the Big East and what to expect."

McGhee added, "Our goal is to make the NCAA Tournament. Anything short of that, I wouldn't say is a failure, but that's our main goal right now. (We want to make it) by any means and be in the top 1-4 teams in the Big East and just have fun. But winning comes first."

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