Cliff Notes: A Local Decision for Alexander?

Decision day looms for Cliff Alexander. The highly ranked Curie big man plans to announce his decision on Friday. Alexander is down to four schools. Learn which schools his coach thinks have the best shot at landing Alexander in this report.

Cliff Alexander is down to DePaul, Illinois, Kansas, and Memphis. The 6-9, 240 lb. big man plans to cut one from his list before deciding on Friday. Curie coach Mike Oliver thinks that cut will come in the next 24 hours.

"He wants to have it down to three by Monday," said Oliver. "I know that DePaul and Illinois are still strong in there. I don't know which one, Kansas or Memphis, that he will drop."

As the home state schools, DePaul and Illinois offer the chance to play close to home.

"I think it's the opportunity to stay close to home and play in his own state or own city," Oliver said. "He talks to both of them a whole lot. I think they (DePaul and Illinois) are number one and two in there."

With all of the crazy rumors that have circulated on the internet, Alexander's recruitment has started to take on a circus-like atmosphere.

"I think it's really become a circus, because there are a lot of people putting their own spin on it, instead of just reporting the true facts," said Oliver. "The other day there was a rumor that it was 99% that it's going to be Illinois. I then talked to Cliff, and he said that it's not the truth, and that he never said that. I think everybody puts their own spin on it."

Besides staying close to home, what else is important to Cliff in this decision?

"I think he wants a good fit for him and his family," Oliver said. "He wants an opportunity to play right away. He's looking for exposure and just how much exposure he's going to get. He's looking for playing time."

Oliver does feel that at the end of the day it will be DePaul and Ilinois vying for Cliff's services.

"I think Illinois and DePaul are 50/50 right now," said Oliver. "I think Illinois could be good and I think DePaul could be a great situation. There he'd have the opportunity to play right away. He'd be in his city and he'd get exposure. Illinois is a little more established right now with what they have. It could be a great situation for him too."

Yet Kansas and Memphis haven't been eliminated quite yet.

"On the flipside, If he's looking for somewhere with tradition. Kansas and Memphis are right there, they've been winning for the last few years. With Kansas, they are also recruiting one of the top players in (Jahlil) Okafor. I don't know if that's a good situation for both Cliff and Okafor to go there together."

If this race were an election, right now the pundits would be saying that it's too close to call.

"If I had to bet and pick one, I'd say that Illinois might be the leader right now – 51-49 Illinois."

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