Simeon Coach on New Blue Demon Fred Scott

DePaul Blue Demons coach Dave Leitao recently added Simeon Forward Fred Scott to his 2015 men’s basketball roster. In this report, we get the lowdown on the new addition to the Blue Demons from Simeon coach Robert Smith.

Simeon coach Robert Smith had a team that amassed a 28-4 record and advanced to the IHSA Class 4A Super-sectionals this season before being upset by Normal High.

The Wolverines were a veteran squad that featured three seniors who will go on to play in the Big 10 next season.

Frederick Scott was a role player on that squad, who now brings his talents to DePaul for next season.

“He’s very skilled and a very smart, intelligent player,” Smith said of Scott. “He’s real deceptive and can really shoot it from the perimeter. He’s tough.”

The 6-7 forward did find it difficult getting playing time as a new addition to the Wolverines in 2014 with some of the veterans playing ahead of him.

“He only played with us for one year,” said Smith. “It’s hard to pickup our concepts and the things that we do at Simeon. When he did play, he played well. We had eight seniors. He was playing behind D.J. Williams and Ed Morrow, so that was a hard task for him as well.”

D.J. Williams is a 6-7 forward who is headed to Illinois in the fall. Williams is ranked as the 46th best overall prospect and the ninth best Small Forward in the nation by Ed Morrow is a 6-7 forward who plans on playing for the Nebraska Cornhuskers next season. Morrow is considered the 25th best power forward in the country according to Scott also played behind 6-5 wing Isaiah Moss who will play at Iowa in the fall.

Scott does have a few things to work on to be successful at the next level.

“He has to make sure he brings it every day,” Smith said. “A lot of guys when they come from high school to college, they don’t understand that it’s an everyday process. Last year, he didn’t understand that it was every day. He has to bring it every day. Some days he would be the best player in practice and some days you wouldn’t even know that he was there. So, just continue to be consistent every day with his basketball.”

Once Scott gains that consistency, he can be a contributor for the Blue Demons.

“I think he will be fine,” Smith said. “Is he going to come in Day 1 and make an impact? Probably not. But later down the line, he’ll probably be a really, really good player. He needs to hit the weights and get stronger and get a little more confidence in his game.”

When you see Scott play, you do see glimpses of the kind of player that he can become.

“He can get it off the backboard and take it the length (of the court) and finish,” said Smith. “So he does some really good things out there. You just have to get him in there every day and just work him. The thing that really helped him with us was that he was playing with so many high-level basketball players. At DePaul, he’ll play with those same kind of high-level basketball players that help push him.”

When Scott got out from behind the shadow of playing with Morrow, Moss, and Williams this spring and played in the Adidas Gauntlet AAU showcases with the Running Rebels, he was able to display his talents better. It was then that programs like DePaul, Temple, Bradley, Colorado, Arkansas, and Arizona State took notice, to name a few.

“He was behind Ed, D.J. and Isaiah,” Smith said. “It was hard to get him the kind of minutes that he probably needed to get. They saw what he can do (on the AAU circuit). Playing against those guys every day just helped him get better.”

Provided that Scott works hard in college, Smith does believe that he has a bright future.

“It’s about working hard every day and not taking it for granted and understanding where he needs to get and how much better he needs to get.”

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