Tre’Darius McCallum Talks About DePaul Decision

It didn’t take Tre’Darius McCallum long into his official visit at DePaul to decide that it was the place where he wanted to spend the next two years playing basketball and continuing his studies.

“It felt right, it was a good fit,” McCallum said following his visit.  “The coaching staff really made me feel like I was at home.  Chicago and Lincoln Park is a nice place. DePaul is a great school in itself.  I just feel like it’s a great opportunity for me.”

 McCallum is a 6-7, 215 lb. forward from Indian Hills junior college in Iowa.

Tre’Darius also liked the level of competition that comes with playing in the Big East conference.

“The basketball competition with Villanova winning it all and being in the Big East, I feel like that I’ll be playing harder,” said McCallum.

During his sophomore campaign at Indian Hills, McCallum averaged 11.8 points and 6.3 rebounds per game.  He also shot very well from beyond the arc at a rate of 40.8 percent.

“I’m very smooth,” McCallum said of his game. “I have a good feel for the ball. I play hard and I’m aggressive. I’m just a gritty player and I’m very versatile. I really don’t have a position. I can bring it up if I need to. I can come off screens. I’m just an all-around player. I can shoot and take (my man) off the dribble. I’m very fast.”

To be successful at DePaul, there are a few things that McCallum feels that he needs to work on. 

“I need to get stronger,” McCallum said. “I need to work on my footwork, my coordination, my balance.  I started basketball late.”

 McCallum feels as though he can help out the Blue Demons in the frontcourt next season.  

“At the next level I think I can be very aggressive on defense and the offensive end,” said McCallum. “Going against bigger forwards, I’m faster and smaller than them. I’m going to be a mismatch problem. I can stretch the defense with my shooting.  I can get out the wing and create for others. I’m a combo forward and even play guard if I need to.”

There is no doubt that McCallum brings some skill sets to the court that the Blue Demons could use next season.  DePaul fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see what kind of impact McCallum can make along with his new teammates. 

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