Justin Roberts Ready to Begin New Chapter

Since verbally committing to DePaul’s basketball team for 2017, back in June, Justin Roberts has had a busy summer.

Roberts began the month of July playing with his Spiece Indy Heat AAU teammates at the Nike Peach Jam in South Carolina.  They then went on to win championships at the Brawl for the Ball tournament in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the GRBA tournament in Fort Wayne, Indiana on back-to-back weekends.

During that time Roberts also made the decision to not return to Pike High School in Indianapolis for his senior year.  Roberts received interest from Monteverde Acacademy in Florida and Huntington Prep in West Virginia before deciding on attending Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada for his senior season.

For Justin the decision was about what he feels is best for his future.

“I just wanted to go to Findlay Prep because I know that they could prepare me to be ready for the Big East,” said Roberts.  “To be playing at that level, it would be hard for me to make that transition playing against lesser competition every day.  I played in EYBL all season, then for me to go back to playing against (Junior Varsity) players, I feel like that wouldn’t make me better.  For me to be better in the future, I feel like going to Findlay Prep will do it.  A lot of opportunities don’t come like Findlay Prep, so when they offered me I accepted it.”

Even though Findlay Prep head coach Andy Johnson left the school last week for a role as an assistant coach with Southern Utah University, Roberts stuck with his decision to attend Findlay Prep.

“It’s about me being ready going into DePaul and getting used to that role,” added Justin.  “I can get used to the lifestyle with living on my own and being focused.  My aunt lives out there, so I get to see her.”

Roberts, who is rated as a 4-star point guard by Scout.com, wants to work on improving his game while at Findlay.  The DePaul coaching staff has talked to Justin about what they would like for him to work on during his senior year.

“Coming off the screens and making the right decision, knowing what to do when I get in the lane, and my jumpshot off the dribble,” were keys that Roberts will focus on. “I’ve been watching a lot of film and watching guys in summer league and studying and working on my shot and jumper.”

All of those will be keys for Roberts when he arrives at DePaul in 2017.

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