Graduate Transfer Chris Harrison-Docks Looks to Make Mark at DePaul

As a graduate transfer, Chris Harrison-Docks is in the unique position of being both a veteran leader and a newcomer to this year’s DePaul Blue Demon squad.

After three years at Western Kentucky, Chris Harrison-Docks made the decision to attend DePaul for his graduate year as he took full advantage of the NCAA’s graduate transfer rule.

Harrison-Docks is looking to make his mark with the Blue Demons this season.

“I’m looking to bring some veteran experience,” said Chris.  “We’re looking to change the culture here.”

The 5-11, 194 lb. point guard averaged 10 points per game as a junior with the WKU Hilltoppers.  Chris is a three point specialist.  He shot 38 percent from beyond the arc last year.  Harrison-Docks is always looking for the trifecta.  He attempted twice as many 3-point shots than he attempted inside the arc last season.  

Blue Demons coach Dave Leitao believes that Chris can make a significant contribution this season.

“When you have somebody who has been very talented and made major contributions within the program and then now you get to the end of his career and his last year, it’s an opportunity for him to go out with a bang, so to speak, and play his best basketball,” said Leitao.  “He can be a much better and upfront leader.  As he works hard to get to that point, we can rally around him that he can play his best every night.”

Harrison-Docks is indeed looking to go out with a bang.

“I’ll do whatever Coach asks me,” Chris said of his role within the team.  “It’s one of those things where I’ve known (assistant) coach (Rick) Carter since I was 15 years old (and Coach Leitao since I was 19 years old). When I had an opportunity to come here and help the program in whichever way, if it’s play a lot, like 35 minutes a game, I’ll do that.  If it’s play 10 and cheer on my teammates, I’ll do that.  At this point in my career it’s all about winning and being successful.”

Harrison-Docks began his collegiate career at Butler, but transferred after just one semester at the school.  Chris said that he is looking forward to returning to Hinkle Fieldhouse this season as an opponent.

Chris is already seeing a difference in this DePaul team.

“We’ll have a better year with better chemistry,” said Harrison-Docks.  “We play a lot different than we were last year with a lot more intensity and better defense.”

The biggest difference that Chris sees is with the makeup of the Blue Demons lineup and the flexibility that it offers.

“We have a lot of guys that can play different positions, so it allows us to do a lot of things defensively’” said Harrison-Docks.   “There’s a lot of different options that we can do.  You can play Billy (Garrett, Jr.), one through four.  You can play Eli (Cain) one through four. Trey (McCallum) can play three through five. You have so many options with this team this year.  We can play matchups a lot better this year than we did last year.”

Blending in with his new teammates has not been an obstacle for Harrison-Docks since getting acclimated at DePaul.

“We actually spend a lot more time together than any team than I’ve ever been on, which is different,” said Chris.  “There are always cliques normally, but with this team we don’t seem to have that. Nobody is out there worried about themselves.  It’s really been about a team focus this year.  You have younger guys that can feed off older guys like Brandon Cyrus and Devin Gage.  Those guys can feed off of me, Billy, and Eli, people who have been here and have been around the block and know how Coach Leitao wants to do things. As long as we set the table, it gives them an example of what to follow and what to be.”

Chris was recently ranked 20th by Sports Illustrated among impact transfers for the 2016-17 season. 

Look for Harrison-Docks to make an impact for the Blue Demons as their season opens on Sunday, November 13th, at McGrath-Phillips Arena.

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