Walker Keeping Things Open

For those familiar with Chicago area high school basketball, you have no doubt heard of Will Walker. Walker is a 6'0" 175 pound senior point guard from Bolingbrook High in Illinois. Walker has been receiving attention as soon as he got to high school. It has not changed and many colleges are knocking on his door including DePaul.

Prior to Jerry Wainwright replacing Dave Leitao as head coach at DePaul, there was lukewarm interest in Walker and vice versa. That has now changed. "I've got a lot of interest for them (DePaul), cause they are about 45 minutes away from my house and I did just visit out there right before I came out here (to Reebok ABCD camp) and I do have a lot of interest in the coaching staff," said Will. "They seem real cool. They are real nice guys over there, I can tell from just the first time meeting them."

It's not just the close proximity that draws Walker to DePaul. Will's father Tom Walker was a high school teammate of Mark Aguirre's at Westinghouse High in the late 1970's. Will Walker has gained a nice relationship with the current Blue Demons and the coaching staff. "It seems like the coach (Wainwright) knows a lot about the game and I want a coach that's going to be able to make me better and I think (Wainwright), will be able to make me better," Walker remarked.

He's familiar with the players especially Lorenzo Thompson. "I know Lorenzo Thompson, we have a lot of the same friends on the West Side," stated Will. But he had a nice encounter with Sammy Mejia when he met some of the current DePaul Blue Demons. "I met Sammy Mejia while I was there. And they all seem like cool guys, none of them were real cocky. I have been to some schools like on tournaments, and there were some players that were real cocky and didn't want to talk to anybody. But the players were real cool over there."

With his stock currently on the rise many schools have jumped in on him of late, especially Michigan coach Tommy Amaker. Walker has scholarship offers from Dayton, DePaul, Marquette, and Michigan. He also has interest in Connecticut and North Carolina State. Walker recently took an unofficial visit to USC while in Southern California for the Reebok Summertime Classic.

Now that August has arrived, look for the visits to start. "Yeah I'm going to try (get visits lined up)," promised Walker. "I don't have any lined up yet, but I'm going to try to line some up so I can go right when I get back on August 1st and try to get right out to the schools once I start to get more offers."

You can thank Wainwright for Walker showing interest in DePaul. "I don't really know his style too much, but from what I hear about him, he's a real good coach," Walker said. "We didn't really get a chance to know each other during my earlier years cause he was coaching at Richmond. He said he felt that it would be disrespectful if he recruited me while he was at Richmond. I respect that."

Walker is dynamite floor leader who gets up and down the floor and looks to set up others. He has worked on his shot and now has solid outside game too. "I think really getting up and down is my strength," Will believes. "I'm going to work on everything, but I 'm going to work on my defense real hard. I want to be a lock down defender. And there are a lot of great guards at the Big East and ACC schools where I'm probably going to end up. And I know those two conferences have great guards that go to into the league (NBA) and things like that. I 'm going to have to really step my defense up if I want to lock those people down."

Walker is a kid that can make a splash at DePaul, but other schools are in hot pursuit. Keep it here at WeAreDepaul.com. We'll keep you posted on his recruitment.

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