Derrick Rose Receives School Visits

Derrick Rose has been heralded as the best point guard to come out of Chicago since Isaiah Thomas. The Simeon junior has remained humble and mature through his recruiting process. recently talked with Derrick's older brother and MeanStreets AAU Coach Reggie Rose. In this report, Rose talks about recent visits that Derrick has had from college coaches, the offers that he has received, what is important in his decision process, and his plans for pruning down his list of universities.

Derrick Rose has had almost as many college coaches visit him in the past two weeks than there are at the Final Four. OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but they may need to put in a revolving door for the gym at Simeon High. "They have an open gym during the week," said Reggie Rose. "North Carolina, Arizona, Virginia, Kansas, Illinois, DePaul and Michigan State, those are the ones that I've been seeing out there."

Rose has been the beneficiary of close to thirty college scholarship offers including schools like Arizona, Clemson, DePaul, Illinois, Kansas, Marquette, North Carolina, UCLA & Virginia.

The Roses are currently in the process of cutting that number of schools down to a more manageable number. "At the end of the month we are going to have it down to six," stated the elder Rose.

As a former Division 1 player, Reggie Rose is no stranger to the recruiting process and has been providing his younger brother with guidance. What part will staying close to home play in Rose's collegiate decision? "That plays a role with a young kid of his talent and caliber," observed Reggie. "We always told him that he'd have to grow up a bit faster and I think he is. I really do think if he stayed close to home or if he had to take a flight for a couple hours, he'd be able to handle it."

The most important factor in Derrick's decision may be the level of competition that he plays against. "I think the biggest thing with him is that he wants to play against the best. It will come to what schools, what conference and the talent inside of that conference."

Rose, who is ranked 5th in's rankings for the Class of 2007, is ranked behind only O.J. Mayo at the point guard position in the class. Continue to follow for the latest on Derrick Rose's recruitment in the Windy City.

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