Class of 2007 - Justin Bocot - October Diary

What's up, everyone? Everything's good in Bloomington. Just staying busy with basketball and school. We got open gyms every Thursday and we play in a league on Sunday.

My game's been looking pretty good. I've been working on my shooting a lot this summer after my wrist got better after I broke it. I've basically got my shot better. I used to lean back on my shots with my arms doing the work. Now I'm going straight up and working my legs. I can see a big difference. After we lift, I'll shoot. At the beginning, I wasn't making them consistently. Now I am. It's getting easier.

The injury kind of set me back. After I got off the injury, I couldn't do anything with my wrist. It still hurts now. The doctor said it won't go away for a year. If I do 10 pushups, it bothers me. But it won't bother me during the season, I don't think about it when I'm playing. Sitting out did give me a chance to sit back. Sometimes I get mad at the coach for taking me out of games and I got a chance to sit back and see why players get pulled out. I think it helped me. It gave me a coaching perspective.

The season is still a few months away, but I want it to start now. I haven't played any real competition in a long time. Now that Dodie Dunson and Brandon Holtz are gone, I have to step up and fill their shoes. Everybody tells me I'm the leader this year. I like being the leader. You're in charge. People look up to you. I like setting the good example. Everyone else will follow and get that championship.

People are overlooking Bloomington. Everybody else lost a lot of people. We still got a couple guys coming back. They're overlooking us. I think we got a better chance this year to do better. This year everyone is focused. Everyone's lifting and working out. Last year no one did. Dodie never lifted, so no one else did.

I know people look at me different because I play with some style and have fun, but I'm going to play my game regardless. I don't pay attention what they have to say. I just pay attention to what I get done on the court.

So far, my recruitment's going pretty good. College coaches have been coming to open gyms. Illinois came, DePaul, Bradley and Missouri State. I haven't really starting thinking about it yet. By the end of my junior year, I'll probably have it narrowed down to seven schools. I'm a big fan of Illinois and DePaul, so they'll probably be in the mix.

Other than that, not much going on. I really don't have any time. I got basketball and school. I've been playing some videos, mostly San Andreas and NBA Live 05. I'm real good at that.

I'd like to give a shout out to my little cousin Javon and my teammates Lonnie Lawrence and Dante Shelton.

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