DePaul Fan Reports in from Old Dominion

Point of View... A loyal DePaul fan in Virginia offers up his thoughts and observations on the Old Dominion loss in this postmortem report on the game.

-Too bad I had the best seats ever (front row behind the bench next to Jerry's wife) for the worst game in history. Still enjoyed it.

-Problem was simple. NOBODY had a good game. Absolutely nothing on the inside and no one could make an outside shot. I did not think the effort was as bad as some of the message board posters.

-Would not be too hard on Sammy, he tried to take over. Can't blame him for that. What else could he do. He was double teamed all day.

-Brum and Zo simply have limited offensive skills. Love or hate him, this team needs Wes for balance. I have always felt he is a diamond in need of polishing. Need his scoring, passing, kick outs, etc. Wake was somewhat lucky in the sense they simply can't shoot from the outside that well consistently. Plus Wes played big in that game. Clearly they will be better next year with Butler in and presumably Wes healthy and lighter.

-Believe it or not, five minutes into the second half, I still thought they would win cause they were down by three or so and did not think they could play any worse.

-Is Chandler a team player? Clearly has smooth skills but seems like a loner. No enthusiasm. Does not get into huddles. No communication. Lots of one-on-one stuff. I am concerned about that.

-I am not sure I agree with Jerry's substitution pattern. Though I know you coach with what you have, I have never cared for lots of subbing with 10 players. Clearly some are better than others and they need the most minutes. I prefer to go with your primary eight or so guys and get some consistency going. This team is very young to be helter skelter IMO.

-I think they are stuck with a guard/perimeter team with Wes in the middle, cause Zo and Brum work hard but are so limited offensively.

-Few individual thoughts........Surprised Jabari wasn't rated higher in high school. I think he will be good though he tried to shoot too much at the games end.......talked about Zo and Brum and Chandler....Heard had bad game too but he is smoother than I thought and better than I thought...Clarke is skilled just couldn't get in the flow coming back from an injury.

-Probably a 500 team at best given the Big East and maybe an NIT bid I would say. OK with me, given one senior on the team. I would be happy with that and consider the season a success given new coach, new conference, new players, new roles, etc.

Well that's it till South Florida, until then I remain the biggest DePaul fan in Virginia.

One funny, I thought at first Debbie was Jerry's daughter, not wife. Neat lady. Jerry can clearly recruit!

I was disappointed but it was one game.......move on!!! (The sun did come up this morning, presume it did in Chicago as well)

- DePaul's biggest fan in Virginia

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