eBoss Road Show: Reports in from Proviso West

After spending a few days laying low and enjoying the holidays, the Road Show jumped back into it on Tuesday morning. Although the four in the morning wake up call needed to make a flight to Chicago wasn't particularly enjoyable, Tuesday's action at the Proviso West Holiday Tournament in Hillside (Ill.) more than made up for it. In particular, the performance of future Duke Blue Devil Jon Scheyer made the trip worthwhile.


Jon Scheyer - To understand what a terrific high school player the 6-5 WG from Glenbrook North is, you have to dissect the team that plays around him. No disrespect is meant to his teammates or his coach Dave Weber -- who does a wonderful job -- but you take away Scheyer and they are just another average team with some decent high school players. With Scheyer, they are capable of playing with just about anybody because he can do so much. He's gotten a good bit stronger and is noticeably quicker and more athletic than in the past. Add that to his command of everything on the offensive side of the ball and he's pretty much unstoppable in the high school setting. His mid-range game is flawless, he's becoming much more accurate from deep and he's torched every gimmick defense ever created. He went for 41 points, seven boards and five assists on Tuesday and there isn't any doubt he could have scored 50 or 60 if it was necessary.

Brian Carlwell - Not a signature performance for the future Illini, but there were certainly some positives to take away from his 12 point, 10 rebound and six block outing. He establishes position well in the post and has much improved footwork down there but the problem is his guards do a poor job of recognizing when he's open. With his teammates jacking wild jumpers all night he became lost in the shuffle and couldn't make as much of an impact on the boards because misses were clanging far away from the interior. It was hard to watch his team play so selfishly and the Road Show had seen enough by halftime to not feel bad about checking out early.

Chris Colvin - Hopefully there are some good people around this young man because his reputation is going to blossom. The 6-1 freshman, as in class of 2009, from Chicago (IL) Whitney Young picked a fine time to go off when he scored 17 points in just 13 minutes of action against the talented backcourt of Westchester (IL) St. Joseph. He's got a subtle change of gears he uses to lose defenders off the bounce, a nifty floater and is already a dangerous standstill shooter out to 21 feet. It will be interesting to see how he develops and how long it will take for the Chicago hype machine to start generating ludicrous comparisons if he continues to play at this level.

Evan Turner - Playing only his first year of varsity ball at St. Joseph (IL) Westchester, this rail thin 6-6 WF/BF from the class of 2007 is making noise. He's light but tough around the hoop where he uses the glass, fakes and quick spins to score. His game extends out to 12 feet where he can make some jumpers, he moves pretty well and he is a fair ball handler. However, he is not a good jump shooter from outside of 12 feet because he doesn't bend his knees. If he continues to grow he could develop into a very skilled four man but he's good to go on the wing if he stops growing. Iowa, Wisconsin, and Depaul have emerged as early leaders but he rattled off just about every top 25 program in the country as a school who has been in contact recently.


One of the best parts about the Proviso West tournament is the crowd and the history of the event. There are lots of basketball savvy fans who attend each year and it's fun to listen to the old timers talk about when guys like Isaiah Thomas, Doc Rivers, Michael Finley, Mark Aguire and others were starring at the event. On the other side, Chicago hoop heads seem to be pretty tough on kids when they have a bad outing and tend to change directions with their opinions rather frequently.

Maywood (IL) Proviso West junior Jacob Pullen is trying to garner offers from high majors. The 6-0 combo guard is a shoot first player and struggles with his decision making when his jumper isn't going down. He's got to calm down a little and learn to get others more involved when his offense isn't rolling.

Chicago (IL) Julian's DeAngelo McIntosh could really help out an upper level mid major and perhaps even a lower level high major this spring if his academics are in order. He's a long athlete who can hit the glass, scores in transition and is a terrific and versatile defender.

Another Chicago area player who is going to get a ton of spring attention is 6-3 WG Jeremie Simmons from Von Stueben high school. He's not the greatest playmaker for others, but he can put the ball in the hole. Whether it be off the dribble or with jumpers the dude simply finds ways to score bunches of points. …

Schools in attendance - Wisconsin, Missouri, Idaho, Southern Illinois, Illinois Chicago, Toledo, Saint Louis, Bradley, DePaul, Illinois, Purdue, Loyola, Howard, Ohio, Iowa and others.

Total teams seen - 100

Total games watched - 64

Total miles traveled - 8,718

Up next - Today at the big Dipper Tournament at Rich South High School in the south Chicago suburbs.

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