Cass Meets with Carbondale Coach

DePaul men's basketball recruit Manuel Cass met with Carbondale Community High School coach Jim Miller today to determine if he has a future playing for the Terriers. talked with Miller to get an update on the situation that began on December 23rd.

"I don't think anything is 100%, but as of right now, he's no longer part of our team," said Miller. "That's not saying that won't change down the road, but there is going to have to be other issues met before I would even reconsider reinstating him to the team."

"I did talk to him today, we had a nice discussion, but I don't think it resolved anything," Miller said. The 6-7 forward who signed with the DePaul Blue Demons reportedly quit the team following the December 23rd game vs. Mount Vernon. Cass was allowed back into practice on December 27th when a second incident occurred.

"I feel like I need to hold kids accountable for their actions," expressed Miller. "I feel bad for his teammates and I feel bad for Manuel. There comes a time where you have to look out for the best interests of the team rather than the individual."

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