Rob Thomas Has A Short List

Rob Thomas discusses the schools on his recruiting list ...

At one time, Rob Thomas was ticketed for South Florida. However, the 6-foot-6 combo forward from South Kent Prep decided that he wanted to re-visit his recruitment and consider some other options. The bouncy, burly native of Harlem has fielded a healthy amount of interest from high major programs, and at the moment, a Pac-10 program strikes his fancy. "I am open," said Thomas. "Arizona, DePaul, Virginia, St. John's, and Villanova are recruiting me. I like Arizona. Basically, I like the academics (offered there)."

Thomas took a pass on the AAU circuit last summer in favor of summer school, but that didn't dampen his recruiting prospects any. He did put on some weight over the last year, but Thomas insisted that of late he has been focussed on staying fit and keeping the weight down.

"Right now, I'm at 220 pounds," said Thomas. "Before, I was 240, in the summer. I've been doing a lot of running (to keep the weight off), eating different things."

Thomas is hoping to secure a qualifying SAT score on the March test. He is also working to maintain his focus in the classroom, in addition to keeping off those extra pounds.

"I want to keep my good grades up," said Thomas. "Keeping the weight off (is a priority). Hopefully, we've win a prep school championship."

Thomas is an explosive leaper who is comfortable in the transition game. His quick leaping ability bolsters his effectiveness as a rebounder. In the past, Thomas has been known to settle for jumpers, but he's taken pains to be less one-dimensional.

"I've been working on driving to the hole," said Thomas. "Getting better at going to the basket."

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