WeAreDePaul.com Bubble Report - 2/8/06

Mike Adam looks at teams on the NCAA tournament bubble in College Hoops.

Quick court-storming etiquette question: would it have been okay for Hawks' fans to storm the court after they beat the Pistons last night?

And have we finally found a way for the Blackhawks to consistently win road games? Just have an assistant coach for the team they're about to play get implicated in a gambling scandal every night, and they should be fine.

As for DePaul, sigh…


Cincinnati 74, Louisville 68. The Bearcats (15-8, 5-5, RPI: 30) get a much-needed win, but they're going to need a couple more of these down the stretch. Despite what Rick Pitino may say publicly, I firmly believe the Cardinals (15-8, 3-7, RPI: 67) need to win five out of their last six to warrant at-large NCAA consideration. A 7-9 conference record isn't going to cut it.

Villanova 71, St. Joseph's 58. There were a few moments of doubt as the Hawks raced out to a 12-point halftime lead. But then ‘Nova (18-2, 9-1, RPI: 2) said "enough is enough" and stormed to victory in the second half.

ACC Scores of Bubble Relevance

Maryland 76, Virginia 65. The Terrapins (14-7, 5-4, RPI: 39) are up to their old tricks. They do just enough to keep the strongest spotlight off them. The Cavaliers (11-9, 5-5, RPI: 66) have likely fallen permanently into NIT land with this loss.

SEC Scores of Bubble Relevance

Tennessee 75, Kentucky 67. So much to discuss about this game. Is it me, or is Kentucky (15-8, 5-4, RPI: 40) on ESPN every third night with a disappointing home loss? While I applaud Bruce Pearl for the team spirit with the orange jacket last night, he seriously looked like a Dreamsicle. And how much more bored and/or depressed did Danny Ainge look while watching the game? You would have thought he was watching a Celtics game the way he was acting.

Missouri Valley Scores of Bubble Relevance

Northern Iowa 68, Wichita State 56. The first of two MVC powerhouses who held serve on their respective home courts was Northern Iowa (19-4, 11-3, RPI: 13). They knock the Shockers (18-6, 10-4, RPI: 24) out of a first-place tie in the conference, but this loss does nothing to hurt Wichita State's NCAA chances. They're in, barring a huge collapse.

Southern Illinois 66, Missouri State 64. The Salukis (17-6, 10-4, RPI: 35) were the second team in the conference to score a big home victory, and they can breathe a little easier now that they've earned a season split with the Bears (15-7, 8-6, RPI: 38 ). Missouri State continues to hang right on the middle of the bubble, not able to make a definitive charge to the promised land or slide off into the not-so-promised land.

Creighton 60, Evansville 56. The Blue Jays (17-5, 11-3, RPI: 18 ) had a surprising struggle in this game all the way to the end, but they survived. That's the name of the game as we approach the end of the season.

Let's go, Demons.

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