DePaul Senior Night 2006: Marlon Brumfield

Following the DePaul versus Syracuse game on Thursday evening, the lone senior on the DePaul Blue Demons men's basketball team will be honored in a ceremony. On Senior Night, Marlon Brumfield will be recognized for his effort, his achievements, and his hard work both on and off the court over the last four years.

For Brumfield, it's been a long journey from his senior year in the Chicago Public League. He didn't receive much attention from Division I schools during his senior year at Collins High due to injury.

"I had an injury," said Brumfield. "So a lot of people lost interest. There were a couple of teams that were interested, DePaul being one. I stayed closer to home, so I came here."

Brumfield was a late replacement for forward Marcus White who opted out of his signing with DePaul when Dave Leitao was named as the new coach of the Blue Demons.

"There was a new coach," Marlon said. "I liked the situation here. I knew some of the people on the team already. I knew pretty much what the team makeup was, so I came here.

For Marlon the last four years have blown by quickly. He's gone from the end of the bench his freshman year all the way to starting center in the Big East during his four years. "I couldn't even imagine, it went by so quick," Brumfield remarked. "All of a sudden I'm a senior. You never know what happens."

Brumfield is a fine example of what a person can accomplish through hard work. Last year, Marlon won the Ray Meyer Coach's Appreciation award plus the DePaul Athletics Strength and Conditioning Award for the hard work that he put forth in the weight room.

"His attention, his willingness to learn, and his practice habits are as good as anybody I've ever been around and I've been around some great players," said DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright. "He's an absolute joy to coach. He's one of those guys I'll regret not being around from freshman to senior year."

Marlon's favorite memories at DePaul came during his sophomore year – the 2003-2004 season. "When we went to the NCAA tournament, that was one of my favorite defining moments," Brumfield recalled. "That was pretty much the highlight, that and getting the (Conference USA championship) ring, winning the conference."

Following his junior year, Brumfield went through a period of adjustment when Leitao left Chicago to take over as the head coach at the University of Virginia.

"He was probably the one most affected by coaching change," said Wainwright. "He spent three years with people he learned to trust and work with. For him to give back what he's given to not only myself but our whole staff in terms of his effort, his loyalty and his work ethic."

"It was a tough adjustment, but Coach Wainwright made it kind of easy," Brumfield remembered. "All he asked for is to work hard. All he asks out of you is your effort. If you make a mistake, he'll help you get better at it."

Brumfield faces the Big East's best centers night in and night out. Despite being hobbled by injury, Marlon has managed an average of 4.5 points per game and five rebounds per game in conference play this season.

"He's not been 100 percent all year," Wainwright expressed. "He's got a long lingering knee injury. His wheels are not the way they need to be, but he shows up every day with an honest effort."

Marlon plans on completing his coursework for a Bachelor's degree in Communications with a minor in Computer Science. Beyond graduation, Marlon's plans for the future remain undecided. He can either pursue a career in professional basketball or decide on a path working in communications.

"I haven't thought about that yet," Brumfield replied. "I'm trying to keep my options open right now."

"He's going to be a great graduate of our program," Wainwright said. "He's going to give a lot back to the city of Chicago when he's out working."

In a city that appreciates a blue collar effort, Brumfield has already given plenty back to his fans through his hard work.

(Steve Woltmann photo courtesy of DePaul Athletics)

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