Catching Up with Manuel Cass

In this report, future Blue Demon small forward Manuel Cass talks with about transferring from Carbondale High to Boys to Men Math and English Academy, adjusting to life in the Windy City, his life both on and off the court, and his plans for the future.

DePaul Class of 2006 recruit Manuel Cass left his home in Carbondale, Illinois in January to attend Boys to Men Math and English Academy in Chicago. Since then, Cass has been getting acclimated both on and off the court.

Things are going well for Cass at Boys to Men. "It's pretty nice," said Cass. "With basketball, they help with what you need to be helped on."

Cass is fitting in with his new teammates. "I'm making a lot of friends," Cass remarked. "They all come from different regions. It's good to know people from different regions and how they play the game."

Coming from Carbondale, Cass is adjusting to life in the Windy City. "It's nice, it's a big city, so you know there is a lot to do."

On the court, Cass is working on guarding the perimeter as a small forward. Manny realizes that he will be asked to play the three at the next level for the Blue Demons. "The three, that's what they're recruiting me as," Cass stated.

Manny Cass is staying focused in the classroom at Boys to Men. "I'm pretty good with all my core classes and everything, I just need to take the (standardized) test and I'll be OK."

Cass plans on doing whatever it takes to attend DePaul University in the fall. "I committed myself there, so I'm planning to get there."

In his spare time, Cass has been keeping up with his former Carbondale High teammate Justin Dentmon. Dentmon is playing with the Washington Huskies in the NCAA tournament this week. "Yeah, I talked to him about a week ago. He's doing pretty good. He's learning the system. He was telling me about the system at the college level and what it's like."

We asked Manny what message he has for DePaul fans? "Tell them the future is coming," Cass replied.

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