NCAA Press Conference Quotes from San Antonio

DePaul Blue Demons Talk to the Media in San Antonio.

2006 NCAA San Antonio Regional

March 25 & 27 • AT&T Center

DePaul Quotes, Friday, March 24, 2006

Head Coach Doug Bruno

Opening Comments: "We are the four seed, LSU is the first seed. They are a very deserving one seed in this tournament. They have a player of the year returning, and a player in the post that every WNBA team that exists would love to have. It is a great one-two punch that they bring to the table. The kids are all very talented players. We are going to have our hands full. We are very excited about being here."

Do you expect this game to be a run and gun, because you have sort of a high powered offense: "I really think that if you look at both basketball teams, we both score similar amount of points, but we both run a motion offense. I think that there are some similarities to how we play. There is some misconception around the country that is all we do is run-and-gun. You can't play into the tournament without the ability to play in the half court. Both teams are going to have to execute in the half court. I think we are both going to try and exploit the open court when we can, and punch it out in the half court the rest of the time. That is what tournament basketball really becomes."

Psychological advantage over LSU after watching the LSU Men's team defeat Duke last night in a 1-4 match-up: "It would give us an advantage if we had LSU's men's junk yard dogs. Since we don't have the guys that LSU's men's have I don't think there is any advantage at all. I think our players understand that fours beat ones. I don't see how it would be an advantage for us."

What is getting to the Sweet 16 for the first time do for your program: "We are excited to be at the Sweet 16. We're still not a BCS football school. Getting to eleven has been an achievement, but once you achieve that, there develops a frustration. You want to go further, not just being satisfied getting there. It's competition."

Khara Smith, Sr., F

What is the most important thing you have to do to be successful tomorrow (Saturday): "As a team, we always have to always stay together through whatever kind of adversity or anything comes our way, just always have to stay positive with each other throughout the whole game just in case things aren't going our way and I think if we stay positive and always stay together and never give up, we will be fine."

Allie Quigley, So., G

What has Khara meant to the program: "She is definitely our leader on and off the court, vocally and what she does on the court."

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