Catching Up With Will Walker

Future DePaul Blue Demon point guard Will Walker talked with us about his plans as he prepares for his freshman year at DePaul University.

The 6-0 guard from Bolingbrook High plans on getting to work as soon as his senior year of high school has ended. "I'll be working out really hard in the weight room and getting in condition," said Walker. "Coach Wainwright told me he wants to make sure that I get in shape for a 40 minute game. Whenever they need me, I can play me as long as they want me too. It's much different from high school to college with how fast it goes and how long you got to go. I'll keep on working on my shooting while I'm lifting weights."

Walker was on the floor at the DePaul Athletic Center for the first time on Friday as he practiced with his East All-Star teammates for the Original Roundball Classic. He'll be practicing a lot on that floor in the future. "They want me to work on my strength, quickness, and getting in shape," Walker remarked. "I'll be running a lot and running stairs to improve on quickness."

The Bolinbrook guard averaged 30 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists per game his senior year. Walker is currently ranked as the 13th-best point guard and 78th-best overall player in the Class of 2006 by

Will expects to be called upon for his leadership skills. "They really want me to come in and be a big leader to start off and try to lead the team real well. I'm going to get in here a lot and meet the players a lot. I want to get in well with them, so I won't feel like I'm just coming in. I want to be up there a lot in the off-season and the summer and get in good with the guys then and let them feel how much leadership I'm going to bring."

Walker is very happy with his decision to attend DePaul University in the fall. "Once it came down to it, I feel good that I'm staying home," Walker commented. "It makes me feel much better knowing that I have my family out there with me."

Will's family agrees wholeheartedly and feels very welcome at DePaul. "I'm very happy for him to be close to home and to be able to see him," said Will's mother Patricia Walker. "I like the coach a lot. I love his wife. The whole coaching staff and their wives, it's like a family atmosphere."

Will's father echoes that sentiment. "I'm really excited about him coming to DePaul, it will give us an opportunity to see him more," said Tom Walker. "I'm really happy that he's coming here."

Tom Walker is familiar with DePaul from his playing days. Walker played on a Chicago Westinghouse High team in the late 1970's with former Blue Demon Mark Aguirre. "I used to go to the DePaul camps every summer. I was recruited to come here. They had the summer camps in Three Lakes, Wisconsin. The starting five at Westinghouse would go every summer and we would end up as camp counselors."

Will is interested in pursuing a degree in Business with a minor in Music Production. When his playing days are over, Walker would like to a big time music producer specializing in Hip-Hop beat and R& B beat music. Sometime during his four years at DePaul, he will have to meet DePaul alum Gary "the Music Man" Garland-Houston who works in the music industry. In the meantime, look for Will Walker to be making his sweet music on the basketball court.

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