2008 Focus: Maurice Hubbard

In this report WeAreDePaul.com's Dan Stack talks with Class of 2008 shooting guard prospect Maurice Hubbard. Hubbard, who hails from Virginia, has strong NBA bloodlines. Stack talks with Hubbard after viewing his performance at the 2006 Reebok ABCD Camp in Teaneck, New Jersey.

It is widely known that DePaul Blue Demons head coach Jerry Wainwright loves wing players that can exhibit an inside-outside game. For the 2008 class, Wainwright has dipped into some D.C. area connections to find a player that can possibly fill that role for DePaul. Maurice Hubbard of Chantilly, Virginia (Westfield High) is a class of 2008 recruit that DePaul has intensely been in hot pursuit of.

Hubbard has a great basketball pedigree being the son of ex-NBA player and current Washington Wizards assistant coach Phil Hubbard. Maurice Hubbard has a great basketball IQ and uses it to his advantage.

The 6-5 180 lb. shooting guard has a multi-dimensional game, while good at many things, not excelling at any just yet. He is a great rebounder for his size and his stroke is coming along.

While at the 2006 Reebok ABCD camp in Teaneck, New Jersey, he hardly had a chance to shine with arguably the top prep in the land, Kevin Love, on his team. However he liked the challenge in it.

"(I'm) trying to work hard and compete with the best," Hubbard said when asked how he measured up with the best the nation has to offer.

While Hubbard is only a rising junior, he has a short list of schools already in hot pursuit. Besides DePaul, he lists Virginia, Alabama, and Ball State. But the better news for DePaul fans is that DePaul is strongly in the mix according to Hubbard. "I'd say DePaul and UVA are at the top," said Maurice.

It may be early, but Hubbard loves the DePaul staff. "The coaching staff has been real nice to me. They have told me some things that I like to hear," Hubbard admitted. He said that he can see himself fitting in if he were to choose DePaul. "I can see myself fitting in real well in their offense," Hubbard remarked. "They don't like to run many sets. They just let their players do what they can do. I can see myself with that."

One of the main coaches on his trail is Blue Demons assistant Ramon Williams. Williams and Wainwright have some contacts in the D.C. area from their days at Richmond, which is why you see guys like Hubbard, Chris Wright, and Jamar Samuels being recruited actively by DePaul.

Hubbard has some time to grow being only a junior. Maurice concedes he has to improve and stay hungry. "(I) just (want to) become more of a leader and attack more and just win," Hubbard said with a sheepish grin on his face.

Hubbard is definitely a player to keep your eye on, and one that the DePaul staff has in their sights. Look for Maurice Hubbard on the AAU circuit with the Boo Williams squad.

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