2008 Focus: John Moran

John Moran, who hails from Jacobs High School in Algonquin, Illinois is a 6'1" junior guard looking to make a name for himself by making plays and working hard. In this report WeAreDePaul.com talks with Moran on his future, and his plans to become a better player.

John Moran is a 6'1" guard who plays as hard as any player ever will. If you don't see Moran dive to the floor for three or four lose balls a game, then you probably weren't watching close enough.

John Moran is certainly no stranger to varsity basketball. A member of the varsity team since his freshman season, Moran has worked hard and is quickly approaching Eric Vierneisel's school record for points. Vierneisel you might remember graduated from Jacobs in 2004 and went to California on a basketball scholarship. Although Vierneisel is 6'7 and Moran is 6'1 there are still comparisons made between the two players. "Eric was a great player, I remember watching him," Moran said. "I don't really think about that very much. We play different positions. He's a big 6'7 player, while I'm 6'1. There's a lot of differences that people don't realize. They see our names and compare us but we're two completely different players."

Different is the kind of term John Moran plays by. While Moran is talented, what sets him apart from other college prospects is his tireless work ethic and never ending hustle. "I think I'm a hard worker," said Moran. "I can lead by example. If my teammates watch me they'll know that I'm working my hardest every play and that will rub off on them."

While Moran is a tireless worker, he is also a nice jumper. Moran is also a crafty scorer who uses angles well to attack the basket. Although Moran plays more of an off guard role for Jacobs this season, he realizes that he needs to develop his point guard skills for the college game. "I don't think I'm going to be playing off guard in college," said Moran. "Point guard is probably going to be my position. So I definitely need to work on my point guard skills and just get bigger and stronger."

Moran will be working hard this summer with the Illinois Wolves AAU program to improve his game. "We play all spring," said Moran of his stint with the Wolves. "We also play the whole month of July. That's a good opportunity. Coach (Mike) Mullins is the coach there and he does a great job."

Defense is also a key to Moran's game. Moran has quick hands and feet that enable him to stay in front of defenders and deny entry passes. What stands out about Moran's defense is his commitment to denying the ball from the man he's guarding. While Moran is a solid player, he is also extremely humble, and he realizes he needs to improve all areas of his game to succeed at the college level. "I really gotta get a lot bigger," said Moran. "I have to improve my ball handling skills and my shooting and defense. I mean, I've got a long way to go."

While Moran will be the first to admit that a lot of work is ahead of him, schools from around the Midwest have taken notice of his talent. Among those that have contacted Moran include DePaul, Illinois State, Southern Illinois, Dayton, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Northern Illinois, and Wright State. Moran has also made unofficial visits to several schools. "I've visited DePaul, Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois, and Illinois State." Moran has no favorites at this point, and is looking to play hard in AAU and high school to improve his stock. "I'll play this AAU season and see what happens. We'll just go from there."

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