Darquavis Tucker Talks From Roundball Classic

In this report, we hear from future Blue Demon Darquavis Tucker as he prepares for Tuesday night's Roundball Classic All-Star Game at United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Darquavis Tucker is the third in a line of Michigan Hurricanes AAU ballers to come to DePaul University. Like Wilson Chandler and Jabari Currie before him, Tucker has a good handle on his strengths and areas for improvement. "My strength is my athleticism, and driving to the basket. I'm known for dunking. I like to dunk," said Tucker. "I know I need to work on my jump shot and my dribble. I'm working on that now. I'm not a bad shooter. I'm a streaky shooter - on and off. That's what I'm working on."

The Saginaw native considers himself to be unique and his own man. "I really don't compare myself to anybody but myself," said Tucker. "I do try to pattern my style after D. Wade though. Get to the rack a lot. That's what I like to do. I see myself as a two guard. I plan on working hard and hopefully I get a starting spot. We'll see how it goes."

The 6-4 guard keeps in touch with the DePaul coaching staff and looks forward to being a Blue Demon next season. "I talked to Coach Wainwright and Coach DeCesare. They asked me if I can come in and give points. Just play my game. They have big expectations. I'm going to just come in and do what they say."

Dar is looking forward to the Blue Demons going to more of an uptempo style of ball next season. "I like a fast style and an up and down pace."

Tucker is a family kind of guy. When he wasn't in school or on the court, he spent time working part-time at a local car wash and turned over his earnings to his mother to help pay for living expenses. One reason he chose DePaul was to be closer to older brother Ed who is a freshman at Highland Community College in Freeport, Illinois.

Dar, or "DQ" as he is known to some friends, wants to major in education at DePaul and someday pursue a career in teaching that will lead to coaching basketball and leading youngsters.

Tucker is knowledgeable when it comes to DePaul basketball history. He spoke of former Blue Demon Terence Greene, who hailed from nearby Flint, Michigan. Tucker is too young to remember Greene at DePaul, but knows him from the playgrounds of Flint. "He was one of my favorite players," Tucker remarked.

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