Richardson Has Goals, Big Time Aspirations

D.J. Richardson glides through the air without a sound. He hangs, he floats, and he flies. The crowd stops, their jaws drop, and for a second everything on the court is motionless except for D.J. Once the superstar sophomore is done with his airborne lesson for that moment in time, two more points are added to the scoreboard and yet another countless victim has been posterized.

D.J. Richardson recently turned 16, yet, he says he doesn't have time to get a license because it isn't a big priority in his life. Perhaps Richardson just uses his frequent flyer miles to get around rather than wasting time on the ground.

D.J. Richardson knows how special he can be. It's not a myth or a question anymore. "My goal is to do something no one else in Peoria has ever done," said the sophomore. It's no longer the question of if his dream will come true; it's the question of when his dream will come true. Richardson, who has already corralled offers from Baylor, Bradley, Illinois, and Indiana, has also garnered interest from Clemson, DePaul, Northwestern, Stanford, and Tennessee.

The list could go on, however, D.J. simply said "Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head." It's obvious the opportunity is knocking from all the ends of the earth; however, it's just going to be the question of what path D.J. opts to take.

"I'm looking forward to Vegas this summer, I've never been there. I think a lot of college scouts will be there so that's going to be my time to blow up nationally," Richardson noted.

There have been many rumors that the 6-3 guard will be transferring to Peoria Richwoods, yet, what people don't understand is the fact that D.J. and his family must move out of the district before transferring becomes an option. Although there are over seven high schools in Peoria, open enrollment is not a choice. "I've been going to open gyms at Richwoods, not Central," said Richardson. "I have to get out of Central; it's not right over there." What still remains to be seen is whether or not D.J. and his family decide to pack their bags and move north to the Richwoods district. "My family and I are talking about things," said the Peoria star.

As downstate Illinois awaits the decision of the young teenager, one thing still remains, "My lifetime dream is to make it to the state finals before I'm done," D.J. said. If Richardson forgot, Carver Arena is only a short drive away, that's unless he decides to fly.

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