Nick Fruendt: "I'm Wide Open"

Nick Fruendt is a 6-5 junior guard from Batavia who has been out on the AAU circuit the last two weekends with the Illinois Wolves. Fruendt is a potential first team All-State player in Illinois for next season. In this report we hear of a recent honor that Fruendt received, how he and the Wolves are faring so far, and which colleges are showing him love…

Batavia's Nick Fruendt was recently named to the NBA Players Association Top 100 camp in recognition of his efforts on the basketball court. "It's quite an honor to be named," Fruendt said of the prestigious camp that will take place in Virginia next month. "I'm very excited to go to camp and meet some guys from around the country, learn some new things, have fun, and maybe meet some NBA players."

One thing that college coaches have wanted to see from Nick Fruendt is his ability to defend. At the Pitt Jam Fest in April, Fruendt and his teammates had the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their defensive abilities as they took on Tyreke Evans, who is rated the number one shooting guard in the country by "We played pretty well," Nick observed . "We didn't know much about that team except that their man was number one. We played pretty tough on him, Rob (Belcore) played off on him and we all helped. He started getting really frustrated with how hard we played. For us it was a nice win."

The Wolves went on to advance to the semi-finals of the Pitt Jam Fest that weekend. One week later at the King James Shooting Stars Classic in Akron, Fruendt and the Wolves didn't do quite as well. "That first game we played the Canadian team that won at Pittsburgh and we won that game," expressed Nick. "We played pretty well. There were so many little things, where there were one or two games where if we had done a couple things better, we could have won the game. I thought that we played well, but it's time to take the next step."

Fruendt, who averaged 22 points per game with the Batavia Bulldogs, made a point of saying that he isn't close to deciding on a college destination just yet. "I just want to emphasize that I'm wide open," said Nick.

College coaches were in attendance at both Pittsburgh and Akron. So, which colleges are showing the Batavia guard some love? "The schools that have offered I hear from a lot," said Nick. "Right now that's DePaul, Bradley, Dayton, Southern Illinois, Wisconsin-Green Bay and Akron. Some other schools that I'm starting to hear from include Xavier, Marquette, Indiana State, and Vanderbilt. Notre Dame and Wisconsin are still there. Pretty much right now I'm wide open in terms of recruiting. I don't have any favorites or anything, but hopefully in the next month I'm going to try to formulate a top 10 list."

Fruendt and the Wolves will next be in action at the Spiece Run' Slam in Fort Wayne, Indiana this weekend.

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