Spiece Run N' Slam Breakdown

FT. WAYNE, Indiana - The Spiece Hensley Memorial Run N' Slam always features many of the top names in the Midwest. This year was no exception as Top 50 players, emerging stars, and proven programs showed why the Spiece Fieldhouse was the place to spend the weekend. This report analyzes some of the basketball players making noise that the DePaul Blue Demons have been linked with...

Rob Belcore –Illinois Wolves – 6-4 Guard (2008)

The sharpshooter has improved a lot since the high school season ended. Part of this is probably because he is healthy, but Belcore's confidence took him to another level in some games. In one game I saw, he made plays on the offensive and defensive end that helped contribute to a big Wolves run. Belcore's passing has also improved. He was able to make plays running the floor and even brought the ball up the floor at times. Although Belcore had a nice weekend I would still like to see him work on his drive. Belcore is known for his outside shooting and needs to become a more complete scorer to keep defenders honest. Rob has scholarship offers from LaSalle and Loyola-Chicago.

Josh Crittle – MeanStreets – 6-8 Forward (2008)

Josh Crittle is an interesting player. He moves well for his size and gets good positioning, but after that, Crittle can be inconsistent. Crittle will often put himself in good position to score by making a nice move, but then he will sometimes miss an easy shot if a defender looms nearby. Crittle needs to become more physical and learn to finish when drawing contact. I like his body for the college game as a power forward, but Crittle still needs to continue working hard to improve as much as he can. Josh has been hearing offers from Baylor, DePaul, Iowa State, Valparaiso, and Virginia.

Luke Fabrizius – Illinois Warriors – 6-9 Forward (2008)

The 6'9 Fabrizius who is known for his shooting, showed an improved defensive presence this weekend. Although his shot was off and on, Luke was reliable down low as he used his long arms to block shots and cause turnovers. I'd like to see him drive a little more than rely so often on his three point shot, but with his height, and quick release any look is a good look for him. Fabrizius knocked down six trifectas in a loss to Martin Brothers Select. With shooting ability like that, it's no surprise that Albany, Creighton, Dayton, DePaul, Indiana, Iowa State, Marquette and Northwestern have offered scholarships.

Nick Fruendt – Illinois Wolves – 6-5 Guard (2008)

Fruendt started out slowly this weekend as he and his Wolves teammates struggled a bit in pool play. As the weekend progressed however, so did Nick's play as he started to put together his game piece by piece. His defense was solid, and I liked the way he was getting to the rim. Fruendt has good instincts when he plays, but needs to continue to improve his game for the college level. He is good at everything but not great at everything. The good thing about Fruendt is that when he is not scoring, he still brings something to the table. Fruednt does all of the little things that matter in the game of basketball. He is a well-rounded difference maker. Nick has received offers from Akron, Bradley, Dayton, DePaul, George Washington, Southern Illinois, Wisconsin-Green Bay and Xavier.

Draymond Green – The Family (Detroit) – 6-7 Forward (2008)

This guy can flat out play. He is an undersized PF at 6-7, but he showed that he can play with anybody. Green crashes the glass, drives on anybody big or small and also displayed an outside jumper that looked surprisingly good. The thing that also impressed me with Green is his passing ability. There were times where Green had the ball in his hands and instead of looking to score for himself, he created great opportunities for his teammates to score. Draymond is a big game player and often had the ball in his hands in crunch time situations. He also knocked down some clutch free throws down the stretch to show that he is ready for the big time. If Green can keep improving his shot, then his advanced offensive game will be very tough to stop. Draymond is looking at Boston College, DePaul, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

Jeremiah Kelly – Illinois Fire – 6-1 Guard (2008)

Kelly is definitely a good player, and one that is not afraid to take big shots. Kelly is a good shooter with range that extends beyond the three point range. I would like to see him continue to work on his point guard skills. Kelly is a good passer most of the time, but could use some improvement in his decision making and his pinpoint passing. He also does a good job of staying in front of his man when on defense, but for a good athlete such as himself I would like to see him come up with more steals that lead to easy points. Jeremiah is hearing from DePaul and Florida State.

John Moran – Illinois Wolves – 6-1 Guard (2008)

Like teammate Nick Fruendt, Moran started out the weekend slowly but heated up in a big way. Moran, who is one of the fastest rising prospects in Illinois after a great spring season showed improving point guard skills to go along with heart and determination that is second to none. Although Moran has improved his point guard skills, he still needs to keep working to get to his teammates consistent good looks. Primarily a scorer for his high school team, Moran showed his shooting stroke at times, but also had some shots that were way off as he was coming off of screens. Some of this may have been due to fatigue (as the same can be said for many players who play multiple games in one day) but it is clear that Moran is going to give a big time effort to give his team a W. Moran has offers from schools like Dayton, Kent State, Loyola-Chicago and William & Mary. Moran was named the MVP of the Silver Bracket in Fort Wayne this weekend.

Tyler Storm – Martin Brothers Select – 6-6 Forward (2008)

Tyler Storm Profile

Storm showed a nice inside-outside game this weekend as he has improved as well since the high school season. Storm is noticeably bigger and stronger and he is not afraid of contact or getting hit hard. Storm also showed his versatility by guarding quicker wings when he needed to. Tyler also displayed an outside shot with he has never shown. His shot had nice form as he held his hands high, and got good rotation on the ball, but he needs to work on knocking down outside shots on a consistent basis. Although he showed his versatility by playing different places, it also brings up a perplexing question. What position does Tyler Storm exactly play? Body wise he is a big 3 or undersized 4, but he needs to justify why he can play one or the other instead of floating in between.

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