Stula Makes It Official

Mario Stula is a 6-7, 210 lb. shooting guard who has been in the United States for less than a year. In that short time, he has managed to catch the attention of several college coaches. In this report, we hear where the senior from Decatur Christian will make his home for the 2007-08 college hoops season.

Mario Stula, a lefty shooter from Croatia, has decided that he will attend DePaul University this summer. What attracted Stula to the Chicago school? "I like the city and the conference and everything," said Stula. "I like the downtown, it's five minutes from downtown. The school is very nice. I went to their game when they won against Kansas (December 2nd). They were losing by 20, by the end they got close and actually won the game. I like it because there is a great Croatian community in Chicago and a lot of people that I know. It's not like I'm going to be alone. There are two Croatians there - Coach Vu (DePaul Director of Basketball Operations Ivan Vujic) and Matija Poscic."

Stula has had the opportunity to get to know Poscic, a 6-8 forward who committed to DePaul last August. "We played a couple of times at open gyms," said Stula. "He's a pretty good player. He was an All-American player at junior college. His hometown in Croatia is three or four hours by car from my town."

Decatur Christian coach Alan Huss called today with the news. "I just wanted to let you know that he signed his Letter of Intent and sent it in five minutes ago," said Huss.

"He's a mature kid," Huss observed. "He'll be able to come in and be solid right away and obviously make shots. He's going to get stronger and get used to the talent level in the Big East. It's a good a league as there is. He's a kid who can really stroke it."

Mario sees himself fitting in well with the Blue Demons. "The games that I watched they shoot very well, but sometimes they are not very accurate with shooting three pointers or shooting free throws," said Stula. "That's how I will fit in there, I can shoot the ball, penetrate and play good defense."

Stula had been on DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright's radar for some time. Wainwright attended Decatur Christian's game at Chicago Marshall as part of the Willie Little Shootout on the same day as DePaul's upset of Kansas. Wainwright was not disappointed as Stula dropped 30 points on the Commandos. "I didn't know they were going to come to see me play," said Mario. "Then I scored 30 points in that game. That's probably why they recruited me."

Wainwright and his Associate Head Coach Gary DeCesare were also out to see Stula play along with the CAPS All-Stars AAU team at the Pitt Jam Fest in April.

The atmosphere of the Lincoln Park neighborhood was one thing that appealed to Mario. "There are a lot of things happening there," said Stula. "There are a lot of restaurants there and a lot of music festivals there."

Stula is looking forward to enrolling at DePaul and beginning classes there. "I have a few things that I'd like to study, like journalism or business."

Stula joins Poscic, Darquavis Tucker, Michael Bizoukas, and Mac Koshwal to round out one of the top recruiting classes in the nation for DePaul.

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