Q & A with Lance Stephenson

In this report, Kevin Devitt goes one-on-one with Class of 2009 prodigy Lance Stephenson...

Lance Stephenson is regarded as a top five player in the class of 2009 by many recruiting services. Stephenson has already won New York state titles as a freshman and a sophomore. Current NBA star Sebastian Telfair graduated from Lincoln High School and won three New York titles, Stephenson is now attempting to go four for four.

1. What's it like being such a high profile player?

It's hard. You gotta work hard. There is no rush, just keep playing ball all day. I'm just staying focused and getting better.

2. What's it like trying to live up to the Sebastian Telfair hype?

Sebastian is a great player and I took his game and tried to make it mine. It was a good experience watching him play.

3. Does Telfair ever come back and say hello?

He comes back to the hood, he supports us, and he gives back. He's a great person.

4. Why is your high school team so good?

We work hard and win by playing good defense.

5. What's your dream school?

I don't have a dream school. Schools like North Carolina, Texas, and Duke are always the ones people talk about but I'm not even worried about college.

6. Do you think about the NBA a lot?

Of course, everyone thinks about the NBA. That's my goal and I gotta work hard and get better and try to make it.

7. What would you tell the kids that aspire to be like you?

I just want to tell them to work hard and do your work in school and listen to the adults in your life.

8. What's it like living in New York and how important is basketball?

It's tough in NYC there is a lot of violence and you gotta be smart and get out of it. Basketball is life – I gotta play basketball even if I'm bored.. I gotta play.

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