D. J. Richardson Journal – June 2007

D.J. Richardson is a 6-3 sophomore guard at Peoria Central High School and plays his AAU ball with the Illinois Stars 16 and Under team. He drops by with his June 6th journal…

D.J. Richardson is probably one of the most athletically gifted athletes in the state of Illinois and one of the top prospects in nation for the class of 2009. Richardson is an easy going kid who has the world at his finger tips with offers from Illinois, Indiana, Notre Dame, Baylor, and Bradley. His basketball abilities don't limit him as a person and he's made up his mind that he will continue to be successful on and off the court because he has a heart made of gold!

D. J. Richardson Journal – June 2009

What's up everyone?

I'll start this off by talking a little bit about the Stars trip to Columbus, Ohio on Memorial Day weekend. It was a good tournament; we reached the final four but lost in the semi finals. Coach Troy (Johnson) wasn't coaching us that game and I think if he were there maybe the outcome would have been different because he knows our team so well. I played pretty well and the team is starting to do some nice things.

I loved this past weekend because our tournament was in my hometown of Peoria. All of the game sites were only 5 to 20 minutes away from my house and we had a really nice time as a team and the guys really bonded. I played for both the U-16 and U-17 teams so I got a lot of basketball in... almost 10 games!

As far as recruiting I recently received letters from Miami and Georgetown, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio State, and Purdue. I don't have any favorites right now. My parents and I haven't even really sat down and talked about it yet. June the 15th is when the coaches can begin to call and I'm not really excited because I'm kind of shy. I see these guys on TV and they're big people, and they're the kind of people that others would like to meet. It's a great opportunity to talk to these coaches because this is something a lot of people never get to do – it's like me playing at Peoria Central and talking to Shaun Livingston on the phone. Normal people can't talk to him, however, I can and that's very cool. I'll let you know how how it goes!

-D.J. Richardson - 6.6.07

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