Quentin Richardson Eager to Start Season

Knicks forward Quentin Richardson made a special appearance at the Gatorade New York Knicks Summer Basketball Camp on July 25, speaking with youngsters at Pace University in Westchester. The four-day camp, which concluded on the day of Richardson's visit, focused on helping campers improve their defensive play.

NYKnicks.com sat down with former DePaul Blue Demon Quentin Richardson at the camp for this exclusive interview:

Question: Everyone wants to know how your back is doing. How does it feel?

Richardson: It feels good. I've been going through a lot of rehab to get strong for the upcoming season.

Question: What kind of training are you engaged in?

Richardson: Core training, mainly. We've been working on my lower back and my abs. I feel strong.

Question: Are you allowed to practice all out, or is it limited?

Richardson: Oh no, I'm going full tilt now. I mean, they have me limited to just two pickup games a day back in Chicago, but when I play I'm not holding anything back.

Question: When did you find out about the Zach Randolph trade and how do you feel about it?

Richardson: I found out just before the draft actually. He's coming over from the rougher of the two conferences, and he is really going to help a lot. Offensively and defensively, he is going to help us get a lot better. Zach is a great talent. We gave up a great guy in Channing (Frye), but we have a legit superstar at the four now. We've solidified our front court with a 20-10 guy.

Question: How will the trade for Randolph impact your game?

Richardson: Everyone knows now we've got two big guys up front with him and Eddy (Curry). Obviously, I'm gonna be open for the jumper, so essentially my job is going to make sure I am ready.

Question: You traveled to Las Vegas to attend Summer League games even though you weren't playing. What did you do out there?

Richardson: I just practiced with the coaches and the other guys. I worked out with Coach G (George Glymph) and Mark Aguirre, showing them the progress I've made with my back.

Question: What was their reaction?

Richardson: They were pleased. Really pleased.

Question: So are you just going to work out all summer long or do you have any plans to go away anywhere before the seasons starts?

Richardson: This season is all about winning. This summer is all about getting better. I might take some time to go chill for a bit somewhere right before camp starts, but I'm focusing on getting better.

Question: You've got another guy from DePaul on the team now that Wilson Chandler was drafted in the first round. How do you feel about having a fellow Blue Demon on the Knicks?

Richardson: It's cool! I'm thrilled to have a guy with the same background and history and pride as myself. I'm looking forward to working with him.

Question: What are your thoughts on the other draft pick, Demetris Nichols?

Richardson: I actually know Demetris. Last summer, he came and worked out in Chicago. A year before they come out for the draft, a lot of guys come to my gym and work out there to train. I knew the kid could play, and was thrilled when we got him.

Question: The Knicks went undefeated in NBA Summer League. What was it like watching Nate Robinson and Renaldo Balkman leading the club like that?

Richardson: I was happy, and was really proud of them. They should have gone undefeated because they played really well. They deserved it. I was really happy to see Renaldo shut down (Kevin) Durant with all the hype he has. He did a real good job.

Question: So what's the head nod about? Where did that come from?

Richardson: (laughing) It's a secret, man! Can't tell you!

Question: Finally, what would you want to say to Knicks fans before the new season starts?

Richardson: Wins. That's what it's all about. That's the biggest thing. We're gonna play hard and we're gonna be exciting. This all means nothing if we don't win.

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