Devin Hill Enjoys Trip to Chicago

6-9 forward Devin Hill of St. Luke's School in New Canaan, Connecticut is in the process of narrowing down his college choices. A big part of the process in selecting a school is seeing the campus on an official visit. Devin Hill has now completed one of his important visits as he just got back from Chicago after visiting DePaul University.

Devin Hill enjoyed his first time to Chicago and came away impressed with DePaul. "It was real good. I met with a lot of different people," remarked Hill.

Hill said that he got into town on Thursday night, but the visit began in earnest on Friday.

Devin said he got to witness the DePaul players do individual work outs. He said the players worked out in groups of four. Hill also stated that he went to class with some of the current players like Mac Koshwal.

From there Hill met with a host of people like the Vice President of Student Affairs and Athletic Director Jean Lenti Ponsetto and toured the campus.

After dinner, Hill went out with the guys on the team. He said he was escorted around by Koshwal and Will Walker as well as getting a lot of attention from Associate Head Coach Gary DeCesare.

On Saturday, Hill had the chance to scrimmage with the team for a little while in the afternoon. Afterwards, Hill enjoyed his time at Coach Jerry Wainwright's home where they had dinner.

As for the city of Chicago, Hill enjoyed his trip. "I like Chicago" said Hill. "I had never been there. I'd pictured it the same as New York, but it's actually a lot different."

Wainwright talked with Hill at length about how he envisions Devin fitting in with the Blue Demons. "My job would be to get stronger and try to fill the role of playing on the perimeter," Hill explained.

The prospect of playing in the Big East intrigues Hill as well. "Most of the players on my AAU team (the New York Gauchos) are going to the Big East (such as Kemba Walker to UConn, Jordan Theodore to Seton Hall, and Darryl Bryant to West Virginia) but it's obviously not going to be easy," remarked Hill. "It would be really challenging. I'm used to playing with guys who are going to be in the same league."

Hill said he only has one other visit lined up at this time. Devin will visit St. Louis University this weekend and he will reach a college decision in the next month. Devin is also being recruited by Bradley, Massachusetts, and Seton Hall.

After Hill picks a college he has his sights set on some team goals. "I want to win my conference championship and the New England championship," Devin discussed. "We lost in the championship game of both last year."

Hill puts team goals ahead of any personal goals as he concluded by saying, "If we do those things (winning championships), I'll be fine."

Hill is a terrific combo forward with a wide array of skills that are still evolving. The DePaul Blue Demons would be lucky to land Devin Hill. For now the recruiting war wages on and DePaul and other schools have to play the waiting game.

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