Coach Breaks Down Devin Hill's Game

In this report, St. Luke's High School (New Canaan, Connecticut) coach Kevin Anthony talks with about the abilities of future DePaul Blue Demon forward - Devin Hill…

DePaul Blue Demons men's basketball coach Jerry Wainwright has found a versatile forward in 6-9 200 lb. Devin Hill. With the departure of Wilson Chandler for the NBA last spring and senior Karron Clarke graduating after this season, Hill is just the sort of forward that Wainwright was looking for in the 2008 recruiting class. "He can play in the post,"said St. Luke's coach Kevin Anthony. "He's got a nice little baby hook shot. He's got a real nice soft touch. He's working on drop stepping and going stronger to the hole. He's got a good jump shot. When he turns to fade, he's got a great shot. At 6-9, he'll be able to shoot over a lot of people. He's a guy that can go inside and outside. The biggest thing right now that he needs to work on is strength. He gets up well above the rim."

Anthony has seen Hill dominate at the high school level with his size, yet sees Devin projecting as a small forward at the next level. "At 6-9, about 200 lbs. at the Division I level, he can play the three pretty much for anybody," Anthony remarked. "If you're looking for him at the four or five, he's going to have to gain some strength. He plays strong though. The weight room is something that he has to get into to get to the next level and he knows that."

Devin sounds like a perfect fit for Wainwright's Blue Demons. "He's got a good attitude and is a real coachable kid. He's very athletic with a good skill set."

When searching for players to compare Hill to, Anthony looked at a 2007 NBA lottery selection. "This year, I plan on using Devin a lot like a swingman," Anthony shared. "He's not a Kevin Durant, but that's the player that I would say he reminds me the most of that's been in college basketball the last few years. He's got that ability to take people away from the hoop and shoot over them and still take them off the dribble and go to the hoop. Very much like Durant, he's got super long arms. There are certain kids that just play really strong. They use their length and their body and understand how to play strong. I'd have to say that he's a very good comparison. He's not quite as smooth a scorer as Durant just yet. But we still have a whole year to work with him."

Hill is a player with a lot of potential that the schools in New England will no doubt be fearing this season. "Devin is going to learn how to get into people and get to the foul line a lot more this year when he goes to the basket. When we have mismatches, we will post him. Not too many people have a 6-9 small forward at the high school level. If they decide to guard him with a bigger kid that will create other matchups for me that I want. I'll be stepping him away if they guard him with a real big kid."

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