DePaul's Koshwal Displaying Leadership

For a player who is just a couple months into his freshman season, Mac Koshwal has been an impressive force for the Blue Demons.

A forward from Boys to Men Academy in Chicago, Mac Koshwal, has been adjusting to playing at the next level at DePaul. Koshwal has led the Blue Demons in rebounding in seven of their 10 games. He has been a force on the boards averaging 8.4 rebounds per game and 10.7 points per game. "Koshwal has been unbelievable," said DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright. "He's really come on."

Mac has also provided the Demons with a defensive presence in the frontcourt. Koshwal is tied with guard Draelon Burns with 15 steals.

In recognition of his leadership skills, Koshwal was named DePaul's first freshman team captain in school history. "I think he might be the most vocal kid on our team," Wainwright said. "It's one thing to talk, but it's another thing to say the right thing. I've never heard him be negative. He's got an unbelievable voice. He's got that deep Barry White (sound). He'll say something to the bench like ‘stick with it bench'. He's very gracious in practice. He always rewards a good play with a compliment."

Koshwal and his family fled Sudan as refugees from the strife in that country. "He's a very positive kid," Wainwright remarked. "He's very mature for his age. Part of that is probably because of his background, he's been through a lot."

Koshwal and fellow freshman Darquavis Tucker have been bright spots for the Blue Demons. While they've gotten off to a shaky 3-7 start, together the two freshmen hold much promise for the future.

While Mac has struggled in some games, he has excelled when he has had company in the frontcourt. "It's coming down to where we're much better when we're bigger. Mac is much better as a forward. Wes (Green) and Matija (Posic) have to produce in the post. It's very evident that we're much better and productive certainly when Wes is in the lineup, because it takes a lot of the pressure and foul trouble away from Mac. Mac is a really active player, it really helps if he plays power forward."

Next up for Koshwal and the Blue Demons is a trip to Detroit on Saturday to take on the Titans. Stay tuned to for a preview of that game.

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