Coach Breaks Down Krys Faber's Game

Ribet Academy coach William Middlebrooks has seen a lot of future DePaul big man Krys Faber. In this report Middlebrooks sits down with and gives us the 411 on the latest prospect to sign with the Blue Demons.

Averaging 15.8 points, 17.5 rebounds and 5.6 blocked shots as a senior for the Ribet Academy Frogs, there is no doubt that Krys Faber can get it done at the high school level on the west coast, yet Middlebrooks sees the move to the next level at DePaul as one that will benefit Faber's game. "I think he's going to be a lot better than he was in high school in the sense that he has an opportunity to play in the Big East and back in the Midwest where you get to bring a lot more physical game," Middlebrooks said. "That's really his style of play. He wasn't really allowed to do a lot that out here. Having said that, he still put up the kind of numbers he put up. He'll finally get to play without having to look over his shoulder. He's going to be a monster."

DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright likes and recruits players who are versatile enough to play multiple positions on both offense and defense. Faber is no exception as he can play both the power forward and center spots. "He can play both the four and the five," Middlebrooks said. "He bangs, he rebounds, he can play with his back to the basket as a five. He can put the ball on the ground. He can dribble coast-to-coast. He can hit the 15 footer. He can guard out on the wing against smaller guys. He'll definitely be a four at the next level. Considering the lineup that DePaul has, it looks like he'll get a little action at both spots."

For Faber, his best basketball is still ahead of him. "I think people are going to be very surprised at what he can do," Middlebrooks expressed. "The fact that he got recognition late is the only reason that he is a three-star player. I think he is going to be able to compete with the four and the five star guys without a problem. But he has to get out on the court and demonstrate that. He's a great player, has a great attitude, he's very coachable, he's only going to get better. He's going to get to play at a great institution. The sky's the limit for him."

In some ways, Faber is considered a late-bloomer. It isn't that he was late developing his game, but late in getting exposure with the college coaches on the AAU circuit. "Because of that, nobody really knew what he can do," said Middlebrooks. "In high school he got the exposure that he needed."

Middlebrooks believes that DePaul fans are going to love the kind of game that Krys Faber will bring to the Windy City. "He's going to play a very entertaining, energetic, hard-working style of basketball that fans are going to enjoy and they're going to respect. I think that's what he's going to bring. He can do everything that you want a big man to do and he's only going to get better." subscribers can see video of Krys Faber in action with his high school team below…

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