Summer Q&A with Mac Koshwal

CHICAGO - While DePaul's student-athletes are in the midst of enjoying the summer and preparing for the upcoming year, Mac Koshwal took a few minutes to answer some questions and keep everyone updated on what he's been doing since the end of the Spring Quarter in June.

Last season Koshwal was the first freshman in the history of the DePaul men's basketball program to serve as a team captain and had a solid rookie season. The 6-10 sophomore-to-be from Chicago averaged 10.7 points and a team-best 8.4 rebounds and was named to the BIG EAST Conference All-Rookie team for his efforts.

Q: Now that you have a year of Division I basketball under your belt, how has your preparation been different from last year at this time?

A: Last year was such a learning experience. Every day it seemed I was learning something new. Last year at this time I didn't know what to expect as the season went on, I really started to focus on learning what it would take to make me better in the long run. Right now my main goal is working in the weight room to get stronger. In the BIG EAST you have to be strong, I learned that from the first game. I am also working on things like my free throw shooting and other individual offensive moves.

Q: Are you more confident going into your sophomore year after posting the numbers that you did last season?

A: I am definitely a lot more confident now. I feel like I know what needs to be done to become better both as an individual and as a team. When I got here I thought it (the transition from high school to college) would be an easy process but it wasn't anything like that. There are things you have to do right every time or you're going to be in trouble on the court.

Q: What goals have you set for yourself and the team as you head into the 2008-09 season?

A: I want to be a role model for the entire team and be the person that the incoming freshman can lean on so they can learn from the mistakes I made last year. I want to be the person that they know has been through it and is willing to help them so they don't have to make he same mistakes I did. They will hopefully learn quickly so that will make us a better team because we will all be making fewer mistakes.

Q: What has your summer workouts been like?

A: I've been lifting a lot, getting stronger and gaining weight. You can see everyone on the team is getting stronger and more confident in their physical size. We have been playing as a group in open gyms with other college players in the area and I've been going down to the south side and working on my individual game as well. Things like free throw shooting, using my left hand better and developing more moves that will enable me to score in the post more.

Q: What excites you about the 2008-09 Blue Demons?

A: I feel the team is already better because the chemistry we have developed this spring and summer is really strong. Even though the season hasn't started we've really gotten to know the incoming players and we all get along really well and everyone is on the same page. Last year we all liked each other but for some reason it feels like we are a lot closer, maybe it was going through last season together that has helped us. We all go places together and some nights we even pool our money together to buy dinner.

The DePaul Blue Demons will open the regular season on November 17 when Albany comes to McGrath Arena.

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