DePaul to Scrimmage at Iowa

The DePaul Blue Demons head to Iowa City to participate in a closed scrimmage against the University of Iowa on November 1st.

Under NCAA rules, teams are permitted to replace an exhibition game with a closed scrimmage. The scrimmage is not open to the public. Nobody other than players, coaches, managers, and officials are allowed to attend the scrimmage. It is closed to all media and no score or statistics are released.

"The NCAA has moved up the playing season, but they haven't moved up the practice season," said DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright. "We decided to take one of those exhibition games and turn it into a scrimmage. We thought it would be good for us to go on the road."

The Hawkeyes are in their second year under former Butler coach Todd Lickliter. Like DePaul, they are a young team that features seven new players.

"I know the coach at Iowa real well," Jerry said. "Todd is a former high school coach. We met at a camp a long time ago. They're doing a lot of different things. They do a million ball screens. From an offensive standpoint they present a lot of problems."

Wainwright feels that the scrimmage will help prepare his team more for the season to come than an exhibition game would. "We're able to play four hours with different situations and getting things in a game that we wouldn't get in a regular exhibition. Going against Big 10 bodies will really help us."

DePaul junior guard Will Walker is looking forward to facing his former Illinois Wolves backcourt mate Devan Bawinkel. Bawinkel is a junior at Iowa after transferring from Highland Community College. "It's going to be fun," Walker said. "I always like to play against the guys I've known a long time, especially from my own team. I haven't been able to play much against those guys. I'm really excited for it."

Walker still keeps in frequent touch with Bawinkel. "I haven't talked to him about it yet," said Walker. "I'm going to talk to him soon. I'm always trash talking, so he's going to hear about it."

Following the Iowa scrimmage, the Blue Demons will return to McGrath Arena for an exhibition game against Lewis University on November 7th.

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