DePaul's Faber Hopes to Make Impact

From Los Angeles, the 'City of Angels', to Chicago, the 'Windy City', DePaul freshman Krys Faber laughs about the transition from the bright and sunny to the cold and windy. Joining a young Blue Demons team, DePaul freshman Krys Faber arrives in Chicago ready to make a name for himself.

"It's nice," said Krys Faber. "It's no L.A. but it'll do. It's a new environment for me but I'll get used to it."

Along with a new city comes a new school (DePaul) and a new level of competition for Faber (the Big East). As Faber has gotten accustomed to life off the court fairly quickly, many DePaul supporters hope that he gets accustomed to life on the court in a similarly speedy fashion.

"I really don't want to disappoint anybody," said the 6-11 big man. "I'm going to try to do my best each and every game."

Faber has stated that one of his goals this year is to be an impact freshman for DePaul and head coach Jerry Wainwright. The Blue Demons hope that they can strike lightning in a bottle again as they did last season when Dar Tucker and Mac Koshwal both stepped in as freshmen for DePaul and earned Big East All-Rookie Team honors.

Given the youth on the team - nine of DePaul's 12 players will be freshmen or sophomores - the Blue Demons coaching staff expects Faber to step in immediately and contribute, specifically in the frontcourt. However, Faber realizes that he isn't expected to carry a heavy workload this year.

"I'm on a team surrounded by highly talented athletes," said Faber, noting the high-flyer Tucker especially.

Regardless, Faber feels he can provide a positive impact to the squad.

"I'm definitely going to try to rebound and be a presence on defense," said Faber. "After that, I'll try to focus on scoring and also be out there to try to help my teammates get better and vice-versa."

Faber knows that there are still aspects of his game that need improvement. When asked what exactly, he was quick to respond.

"Strength and conditioning," said Faber. "I feel if I can get my conditioning up, I can be a bigger factor. But until then, I'll continue to work on it."

Faber, who was rated the 23rd best center prospect in his class by, noted that DePaul strength and conditioning coach, Bryce Karasiak, has been a huge help for him and the rest of the team as they prepare themselves for the new season.

"He [Karasiak] has helped tremendously," said Faber. "I've put on at least 10 pounds of muscle during the off-season."

Those extra 10 pounds of muscle will be needed for the rigors of Big East basketball, where Faber will face some of college basketball's best big men, such as Notre Dame's Luke Harangody, Pittsburgh's DeJuan Blair, Connecticut's Hasheem Thabeet, among others. The question is, will he be ready?

The Blue Demons hope their recent success with freshmen bursting onto the scene immediately will continue with Faber. subscribers can see Faber in action in the following video…

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