DePaul vs. Northwestern - By the Numbers's Eddy Rivera breaks down the Box Score from DePaul's disappointing loss at Northwestern on Saturday afternoon…

Dominated. That word sums up the 63-36 loss the DePaul Blue Demons endured at the hands of their rival, the Northwestern Wildcats. With sophomore center Mac Koshwal out with a foot injury, the Blue Demons were forced to play a bit short-handed against a disciplined Wildcats team looking to avenge their narrow loss last season against DePaul. Needless to say, Northwestern succeeded as they held the Blue Demons to a season-low 36 points and pestered sophomore Dar Tucker all night, who struggled carrying the load for DePaul and was the only player to score in double-figures for the Blue Demons. Tucker finished with 17 points on 6-20 shooting, along with 10 rebounds - his first double-double this year. The loss is DePaul's second straight and brings the team's record to 4-2 for the season.

A deeper analysis into the numbers show how the game was lost for the Blue Demons.

Team Eff. eFG% TO% OR% FT Rate
DePaul 61.8 26.7 15.4 29.9 18.9
Northwestern 108.1 53.9 15.4 27.7 10.7

Although some of the secondary stats favored DePaul, the complete lack of offense for the Blue Demons sealed the team's fate versus the Wildcats.

The offensive efficiency for DePaul was terrible. The Blue Demons lack of efficiency on offense is the main reason the team was unable to score. Credit should be given to Northwestern for playing good defense and limiting DePaul to 24% shooting from the field. Utilizing a 1-3-1 matchup zone most of the night, Northwestern dared the Blue Demons to beat them from the outside and DePaul was unable to do so. Losing Koshwal to injury certainly hurt the Blue Demons effectiveness offensively, however, it's unlikely the sophomore would have made much of a difference against the Wildcats.

The effective field goal percentage, as expected, was low for DePaul. The 26.7 eFG% reflected the low shooting percentages the Blue Demons produced from the field. The eFG% is slightly higher than DePaul's actual FG% due to the fact the eFG% places extra value on made three-pointers (the Blue Demons connected on 3 three-pointers). Conversely, the Wildcats exhibited an efficient effort offensively. Northwestern's eFG% was solid, mainly due to the fact that team shot a good percentage from the field (46%). The Wildcats were especially effective from three-point range, where the squad connected on 40% of their threes (8-20). However, Northwestern's margin of victory wasn't due to a spectacular offensive performance. Certainly DePaul's struggles offensively aided in the disparity on the scoreboard.

The offensive rebounding percentage was fairly even for both teams. The actual rebounding totals favored Northwestern, as the Wildcats hauled in 37 rebounds compared to 33 for the Blue Demons. However, DePaul had a higher OR% due to the fact the team was able to snag more offensive rebounds (12) than Northwestern (6). It is fair to say, though, that this statistic is skewed a bit given how poorly the Blue Demons shot the ball. The fact DePaul kept missing their shots helped inflate the team's offensive rebounding totals a bit.

The free-throw rate was higher for DePaul, due to the fact that the team attempted more free-throws (11) than their opponent (6). Both squads didn't shoot fairly well from the charity stripe, with the Wildcats shooting 50% (3-6) and the Blue Demons shooting 45.5% (5-11). Yet for DePaul, the fact the team continues to struggle from the line is a troubling pattern. For the season, the Blue Demons shoot only 62% from the charity stripe, which is below average compared to the rest of the nation. Given DePaul's current offensive struggles, the Blue Demons inability to compensate by shooting a better percentage from the free-throw line is hurting the team and may continue to haunt them as the season moves along.

DePaul's next game comes on Wednesday, December 10th against Morgan State at Allstate Arena. This will be the first ever meeting for both programs.

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