DePaul By The Numbers After 10 Games

With the DePaul Blue Demons' blowout victory over Southern, 83-46, the record after 10 games for the team now stands at 6-4. One-third of the regular season has officially gone by for DePaul, so now is an appropriate time to take a closer look at the overall statistics currently for the Blue Demons (stats provided by

The number in parenthesis represents where DePaul ranks among the rest of the nation (out of 344 teams).

Efficiency : 100.1 (172)
Effective FG% : 44.7 (285)
Turnover Pct. : 17.6 (29)
Off. Rebound% : 34.7 (123)
Free Throw Rate : 23.6 (192)

Aside from its turnover percentage and its offensive rebounding percentage, the Blue Demons' offense ranks in the middle of the pack or worse statistically.

DePaul's offensive efficiency so far this year has been up and down. There have been times when the Blue Demons' offense is superb (113.9 vs. Southern) and there have been times when the Blue Demons' offense is atrocious (61.8 vs. Northwestern). It's not a surprise that when playing an inferior opponent, DePaul fares well offensively. However, when the Blue Demons face an opponent as good or better than them, that's when the efficiency on offense begins to decline rapidly. Once Big East play arrives for DePaul, the efficiency rating of 100.1 will fall considering the tough level of competition the team will face on a consistent basis. There's no telling how dramatic the dip will be for this specific statistic, but considering the Blue Demons' struggles offensively against opponents average or better, the drop in efficiency could be big.

The effective field-goal percentage for DePaul hasn't been good this season. The main reason for this has been the team's penchant to chuck it up from three-point range without much success (27.6%). Because of the Blue Demons' struggles shooting beyond the arc, the field-goal percentage has suffered as a result. For the season, DePaul shoots 40% from the field. To put that number in perspective, BYU (#1 in the nation in eFG%) shoots 52% from the field. Needless to say, DePaul's shooting percentage is below average and probably will not improve dramatically. Because of this, the team's eFG% will, most likely, remain static as well.

One thing the Blue Demons have done a good job of is taking care of the basketball offensively. The turnover percentage for the team is outstanding (17.6%). However, this statistic is aided by the fact that DePaul doesn't play an up-tempo game. The Blue Demons play at a pace that is conducive to putting up a low TO%. This has been the case for all of head coach Jerry Wainwright's teams at DePaul. The lowest rank for the Blue Demons regarding their TO% was 42nd (2006). Given the team's history the past few seasons with this particular statistic, DePaul's TO% will probably hover around 18% for the season.

The offensive rebounding percentage so far sees the Blue Demons ranked in the upper-third in the nation in this specific statistic. However, as was the case in terms of the team's offensive efficiency, DePaul has been dominated on the boards against opponent's average or better. Thus, the Blue Demons' OR% will become lower once the Big East season rolls through, given that DePaul will quickly become disadvantaged in the frontcourt. There's no telling how low the percentage will get for DePaul, but if the games against California (18.5 OR%), Northwestern (29.9 OR%), and UCLA (24.1 OR%) give any indication, the drop could be large.

Lastly, the free-throw rate for the Blue Demons is below average when compared to the rest of the nation. As has been documented all season, DePaul has struggled from the charity stripe, shooting only 61% as a team. Only two players (sophomore Dar Tucker & senior Matija Poscic) shoot a percentage better than 70%. If the Blue Demons would be able to shoot better from the line, then the team could find ways to compensate for an inefficient night offensively. But given that the team is unable to shoot effectively from the line, coupled with the fact that DePaul will be overmatched most nights against each respective Big East foe, the Blue Demons' margin for error becomes very small.

For the remainder of the season, the outlook for DePaul doesn't look very good as the non-conference schedule begins to wind down. Statistically, the Blue Demons' are roughly on pace to secure 5-6 more victories the remainder of the season, which would net the team a sub-.500 record and a finish near the bottom of the Big East standings. There have certainly been some bright spots for DePaul (the play of sophomore Mac Koshwal and freshmen Jeremiah Kelly and Devin Hill), but unfortunately the negatives greatly outweigh the positives for the Blue Demons. Another statistical assessment will be made for DePaul once two-thirds of the regular season is complete.

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