Mac Koshwal Can Rebound, So Can These Guys

After looking at the rebounding rates for DePaul's Mac Koshwal all season I began wondering, "Where does Koshwal rank among the best rebounders in the country?"

That question might seem like hyperbole, but I after doing some analysis, I assure you it isn't. Mac Koshwal can be legitimately considered one of the Top 10 rebounders in NCAA Division I and someone that teams have to always have a game plan to negate.

Methodology: When looking at rebounding it is important to look at two factors, how many rebounds per game does a player grab, and how often does a player get rebounds. The Top 11 rebounders in the country on a per game basis at this moment are:

1. Blake Griffin, Oklahoma - 13.8 rpg
2. Luke Harangody, Notre Dame - 13.1 rpg
3. DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh - 12.8 rpg
4. John Bryant, Santa Clara - 12.5 rpg
5. Kenneth Faried, Morehead State - 12.1 rpg
6. Jordan Hill, Arizona - 11.9
7. Ahmad Nivins, St. Joseph's - 11.6
8. Diamon Simpson, Saint Mary's College - 11.1 rpg
9. Tony Gaffney, Massachusetts - 10.8 rpg
10. John Brockman, Washington - 10.7 rpg
11. Mac Koshwal, DePaul - 10.5 rpg

*All stats through Saturday's (1/24) games.

Once the top rebounders on a per game basis were established, I looked at their rebounding rates in terms of Offensive Rebounding and Defensive Rebounding Percentages according to the statistics available at In a completely unscientific method, I merely added the two percentages together in order to get a total judgment of a player's ability.


Player School OR% DR% OR%+DR% Rank
DeJuan Blair Pittsburgh 26.8 29.1 55.9 1
John Bryant Santa Clara 18.1 34.6 52.7 2
Kenneth Faried Morehead State 16.0 32.5 48.5 3
Blake Griffin Oklahoma 11.3 31.7 43.0 4
Jordan Hill Arizona 17.7 24.1 41.8 5
Luke Harangody Notre Dame 12.8 27.5 40.3 6
John Brockman Washington 16.4 23.2 39.6 7
Diamon Simpson St. Mary's 12.3 25.1 37.4 8
Mac Koshwal DePaul 12.6 23.0 35.6 9
Tony Gaffney Massachusetts 11.3 22.4 33.7 10
Ahmad Nivins Saint Joseph's 14.1 19.2 33.3 11

There are some important things to notice in this table. Look at the amazing ability that DeJuan Blair has to rebound the basketball. Blair grabs approximately 27 percent of all available offensive rebounds that are available when he is on the court. No other player in Division I grabs more than 18.6 percent. That is an incredible disparity. It is partially why when Blair is on the court, Pittsburgh is one of the best offensive teams in the country, and when he's not, they're merely mediocre.

The list also skews slightly older. If you assign a 4-3-2-1 number to Sr.-Jr.-So.-Fr. the average class of a member of the Top 11 is 3.09, or approximately a Junior. There are four sophomores, but also five seniors on the list. No freshman made the Top 11, although two did get honorable mentions at the end of this post.

In this analysis, sophomore Koshwal ranks ninth in the country behind some of the most impressive players in college basketball. Blake Griffin is a Player of the Year candidate and Luke Harangody and Blair are definitely under consideration for the Big East First Team. While rebounding is just one part of that equation, Koshwal deserves to be in the running for post season awards as well. It certainly isn't his fault that DePaul might finish without a win in the Big East.

There are a few other players who are prolific rebounders that I found who don't have big per game numbers because they haven't played enough minutes. Those players include Wayne Chism of Tennessee, who has been injured most of the season, and two freshman, Jordan Eglseder of Northern Iowa and Ed Davis of North Carolina.

Those are the players dominating on the boards in Division I this season. Koshwal is right there with them. I hope that commentators and fans see through the losses and recognize his incredible talents.

John Templon is the photographer and writer of the Chicago College Basketball blog. John is a graduate journalism student at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

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