5 on 3 with DePaul Women's Hoops Seniors

WeAreDePaul.com's Jim Niendorff recently had the opportunity to talk with the three seniors on this year's DePaul women's basketball team: Natasha Williams, Erin Cattell, and Holly Medley. As the team prepares for the NCAA tournament, we look in on the senior leaders.

Williams, a 6'3" forward, graduated from Niles North H.S. as a Parade Fourth Team All-America. She transferred to DePaul after playing two years at the University of Minnesota. This year she has averaged 14.2 ppg and 6.8 rpg. She leads the team in blocked shots. She has completed her undergraduate degree, and was a two-time member of the Big-East All Academic team.

Cattell, a 6'1" forward, graduated from Sandburg H.S. as a two-time All-State honoree. She is averaging 2.9 ppg and 1.7 rpg. She is a three-time member of the Big East All-Academic team.

Medley, a 5'11" guard, graduated from Bolingbrook H.S. as an All-State honoree her senior year. She is averaging 1.8 ppg and 1.4 rpg. She set a DePaul NCAA championship record as a freshman with six steals against LSU in the San Antonio Regional Semifinal in 2006.

WeAreDePaul: What will you miss most about playing for coach Bruno?

NW: I have to give that more thought.

EC: He is kind of like our second father. He is always looking out for us. He is a great guy and a fun guy. He is looking out for you just like your father. I will miss his personality and being around him everyday.

HM: The huddles. He has a lot of great quotes. He is so motivating, even if we are down or when we are up, he always tries to bring the best out of us at that point.

WeAreDePaul: What has been your most memorable road trip moment?

NW: I am not really sure.

EC: I don't know if I should even say. Last year after the Big East tournament or the NCAA tournament and we lost the last game, me and a couple of other girls on the team decided to have a makeup party. We got all the girls' makeup together and did our hair crazy and we took a bunch of pictures. Coach Bruno actually has a picture on his desk of the whole thing with the craziest makeup faces and our outfits on. It was a fun way to end the season. It was a fun memory.

HM: I love to scare my teammates. One time I got Sam (Quigley) and Deirdre (Naughton) at Syracuse. They were walking out of the bathroom and walking down a hallway. I hid behind a door and popped out, scared both of them, and they dropped their stuff. I heard the screams and then we went through the door and the whole team was looking at us like "what happened?" and they were dying laughing.

WeAreDePaul: What do you think is the best team meal that you have prepared, and how was it received by your teammates?

NW: My team meal is coming up. I will be preparing a native dish, jerk chicken.

EC: The best team meal was my team meal. We had a Halloween party. We do our team meals monthly. We made personal pizzas. It was a fun way for all the girls to get together, share pizzas, and make our own food. We also carved pumpkins the same night. It was a fun bonding experience. The pizzas were actually good.

HM: I can't remember what I made, but we carved pumpkins for Halloween. We carved them and put them up in the window (that you can see from the practice floor) so we saw them going to practice. I carved an imitation of Barack (Obama) and it turned out okay.

WeAreDePaul: What have been the highest high and the lowest low during your time at DePaul?

NW: I can't really think of any.

EC: My lowest low was definitely my sophomore year with my stress fracture. We were down to seven people at one point with me, Erin Carney, and Felicia Chester all having stress fractures. It was a really tough time for our team. We were fighting to get a chance to go to the NCAA tournament that year, and we did. My highest high was my freshman year with the Sweet Sixteen. It was a great experience with me coming in as a freshman with the change from high school to college was ridiculous. I thought "we are already doing the Sweet Sixteen" and this is the best team at DePaul. It was such an exciting time and a lot of fun.

HM: The whole ride here has been like a rollercoaster. You have good times and bad times. My favorite moment was Sweet Sixteen. Last year when we were not sure about making the tournament and we were all sitting here looking at the screen and we found out that we made it and we jumped up everywhere. I can't think of any horrible times.

WeAreDePaul: What is next for you after DePaul?

NW: After completing graduate school I plan on working in diversity training and I might like to try broadcasting.

EC: I am student teaching in the fall and hopefully getting a coaching job. I want to go back to Sandburg H.S. Having Doug as my coach and as a mentor, he is so smart and he knows the game so well. I feel I can carry all of his knowledge to my future players.

HM: I plan on studying psychology in graduate school or go into advertising.

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