Hensley Memorial Class of 2011 Player Evals.

The Hensley Memorial Run N' Slam tournament in Fort Wayne, Indiana always showcases some of the Midwest's best talent. Here is a look at some of the standouts from the Class of 2011 that were in action earlier this month...

Evan Blackmon – Spiece Indy Heat – Defensively was impressive as he used quick hands and good work to stay in front of some very quick ball handlers. Works the passing lanes as well for steals that lead to easy buckets. Can handle and shoot a little bit as well.

Ryan Boatright – Derrick Rose All Stars – Shot the ball well and made a few jaw-dropping passes through a couple of defenders. He might very well be the most exciting player in Illinois next season if he keeps playing the way he does.

Tracy Abrams – Derrick Rose All Stars – Between the speed of Boatright and Abrams, teams will be hard-pressed to contain the Derrick Rose All-Stars backcourt. Abrams played more on the ball and got to the rim with ease while also finding shooters like Boatright. A typical solid game for the Illinois commit.

Tony Wroten – Seattle Rotary – Athletically gifted beyond belief, Wroten got to the rim with ease all weekend. He does such a good job of using his body and arms to cradle balls in traffic as he is driving to the basket. Also threw a laser of a cross court pass that was the best of the weekend.

Marquis Teague – Spiece Indy Heat – Teague is a gamer and definitely wants to win. Came in during the second half and put the Spiece Indy Heat team on his back for stretches as he scored and distributed. Defensively was also in passing lanes and played well on the ball.

Wayne Blackshear – Mac Irvin Fire – The was no rust for Blackshear after missing a significant portion of the high school season. His skills continue to improve and the consistency of his shot with it. He's also extremely tough and took and elbow to the face during a crucial defensive sequence, but got right back up and finished the play.

Mike Shaw – Mac Irvin Fire – The skills are there, but Shaw needs to stop the "Antoine Walker Syndrome" he currently has and take the ball to the basket. He is simply too big and too skilled to spend all of his time shooting fade away jumpers from the perimeter. Defensively, his intensity was great all weekend and he was impressive in guarding three different positions.

George Marshall – Illinois Warriors – Only played a limited amount due to a fractured toe, but Marshall is tough and consistent. He can score on the inside or outside and also runs a team efficiently and makes the correct decision most of the time.

Nnanna Egwu – Illinois Wolves – It sounds cliché to say that he is improving every time he plays, but Nnanna's feel for the game gets better and better every weekend. In one stretch I saw he blocked or contested shots on five straight possessions and made it tough to bring the ball inside. He has improved leaps and bounds since last season.

Sam Thompson – Mac Irvin Fire – His jumper is improving and he effectively defending and going up for rebounds thanks to his long arms. The leaping ability he possesses gives him great opportunities to finish at the rim over bigger players.

Andre Henley – Mac Irvin Fire – The ball skills are great for his size and his shot from the outside is also improving in consistency. He struggled a bit from the line and needs to learn to position himself defensively, but Henley has a chance to be special.

J.D. Weatherspoon – All-Ohio Red – High-flyer crashed the glass, threw down some vicious dunks and had some solid weak-side blocks. He plays with a high motor and always seems to be involved in plays around the rim. His shot looks awkward, but it feel occasionally.

Hayden Hoerdemann – Peoria Irish – One of the better shooters in Illinois, Hayden's shot wasn't falling this weekend when I saw him but I was impressed by the way he created space for his shot. He is a sneaky athlete who knows when to shoot and when to put the ball on the floor. His intensity and passion for the game are also top notch.

Jacob Williams – Illinois Wolves – Williams showed he's a high-major player with the way he came out this weekend. He attacked the rim hard and also had his shot falling. It didn't seem at all like he missed the high school season with the way he played.

Macari Brooks – Mac Irvin Fire – A tremendous leaper, Macari had one of the most impressive dunks of the weekend when he rose up and finished over two bigger defenders. The outside shot is also improving and Brooks is consistent at the free throw line. He also plays the passing lanes for steals but occasionally overplays and gets into trouble.

Jay Parker – Mac Irvin Fire – Quick and tough as nails, Parker runs the Mac Irvin 16's well and also has a pretty good outside shot. He is undersized but makes up for it with heart and effort.

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