Morgan's Father Sees Challenge Ahead

Winston Morgan has seen the battles of NCAA men's basketball, having played at Indiana in the 1980's for Hall of Fame coach Bob Knight. Now Morgan sees that his son Moses is prepared to take on the same challenges that he once faced.

With his commitment to play for the DePaul Blue Demons in the class of 2010, Moses Morgan will be a key factor in rebuilding DePaul from a last place finisher in 2008-09 to a contender in the Big East.

"This decision puts him in the most challenging situation in the country," Winston Morgan said. "Here you are in the Big East, probably the toughest conference in years and you're going into a situation right now where you're at the bottom. I would say that's a pretty challenging position for him to be in. For him to step up and make the commitment to this program and wanting to be a major piece to help turn it around is huge."

Winston feels that the younger Morgan is up to the task. "He understands what the expectations are," said Winston. "He understands that he's expected to come in and be in a situation where they are looking for him to score. They are looking to utilize him as a piece to get them in the right direction. With him coming in, that will help their recruiting. I think that if they do well this year, that's going to get them rolling."

"It's a challenging situation, I know that he can do it," said Morgan.

Moses was recruited by Arizona State, Clemson, Indiana, Minnesota, and UNLV, but in the end chose DePaul over his father's beloved Hoosiers.

"That says a lot about Coach (Jerry) Wainwright and his coaching staff and the job that they've done in recruiting him," Winston said.

Both Morgan's enjoyed their visit to Chicago which began on Sunday and concluded on Tuesday. "I was so impressed with Coach Wainwright and his new coaching staff with Coach (Tracy) Webster, Coach (Billy) Garrett, and Coach (David) Booth," said Morgan.

The Morgan's looked at DePaul not just for athletics, but also what comes after Moses' playing career is over. "I had an opportunity to sit down with the Athletic Director (Jean Lenti Ponsetto) and talk about career opportunities for Moses in association with the Alumni Association," said Winston. "Just having so many doors of opportunity that will be open for him after basketball is very, very important. That's the most important piece."

Having a backdrop like the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago didn't hurt DePaul either. "Of course, you've got the city of Chicago," Morgan said. "What a beautiful city. This is a great opportunity for Moses."

Stay tuned to for continued reports on the Blue Demons' class of 2010.

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